7/6/2006 ~ Rose
Wow, a friend showed me your website and I can't believe it, I used to go to your Paper Bag nights. In fact, I took Ralph to the hospital when he broke his arm! Do you have any pictures of Ralph or Eddie Carucci? Or Bruce Mc Cullough ? I'm trying to remember some other people I used to know. This was back in 1979, 1980's.

Sorry I just missed your show. If only I had seen your website sooner. Do you have a mailing list? If so, please put me on.

Thanks, Rose

Editors note: Rose is referring to Paper Bag #2, performed at the Silver Dollar in Bay Shore in 1979. The Ralph in question was riding a 6 foot unicycle while Joe Scollo did his "Human Disco Beat" thing. On the audio tape (available here) you can hear Joe comment that "Ralph doesn't look so good" at the moment Ralph falls off the 6 foot unicycle and the arm breaks. Also available on that page is a track entitled "Drunken Ramblings by Tony Rome & Ralph"

7/4/2006 ~ Lisa Layton
Dear Mike and all,
I want you to know, it took 12 hours to get home, we passed whole towns under water. The concept of floods in the mountains had never dawned on me. I know we grow up on Long Island expecting floods, we are sea level and a tide away, but up here, houses were just floating down river. Roads were washing out under our tires, aand we were forced to turn around many times because the roads were gone. I gave food to people and places that needed it, I have also given away our fresh eggs, to anyone who needed them. It has been horrible. My town was closed when we finally got here 500 miles later---on a normally 250 mile trip. The bridges had washed away. We found a back road in, it was half washed out but we got in with the truck. My place was ok, but people and their critters were there, because their home had washed away. I was lucky. We are ok.

Thank you for another wonderful year---already looking forward to next.
sincerely, Lisa
Paper Bag 7/3/2006 ~ Scotty K

7/3/2006 ~ Paul Esposito
Three years ago, I had Denise Corazon's son, Tyler, in my class. She mentioned that she sang in the bag and would try to get me in. I had been to one bag in my life and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to Denise and Tony Barca, I became part of the bag, singing two songs in my rookie year, plus three more last year. This year, I had the honor of performing Billy Joel's 'Miami 2017' in what was one of my strongest and most confident performances ever. I received many compliments from bag-goers throughout the night. I felt proud and thrilled, as I have every year since my first bag. I didn't do as well (in my opinion) on Eminence Front, but I enjoyed that one as well. Thanks again to Tony, Denise and Guido. Here's hoping to do a Van Halen song next year, or maybe even U2 or KISS.

Paul Esposito
7/3/2006 ~ Brian Hauff

What can I say.....you are a great man doing great things. I am fascinated by the way something so huge and incredibly complicated to pull off, goes so smoothly. This was probably the best 3 days (bag lag included) I have spent in a long long time. I turned 5 people on to the BAG this year and they are now die hard fans...Ihave heardnothing but wonderful things about how the songs were performed and all of the performers themselves. Thanks again for allowing me to participate in the PAPER BAG. I now suffer from Post Bag Depression....Ihope there is medication for this syndrome. To all in the band andsupport systems.......YOU GUYS ROCK!

Gus - Thanks for the amp.....

Next year ABSOLUT! for the watermelon
7/2/2006 ~ Ed Loeffler
Hey Guido, that you ?? Just wonderin when the designer bag site will be updated ? My name is Ed Loeffler (Dr.Regularity) with the suppository HEAD. My wife always suggests my head is up my ass so I figured WHY NOT ?? Now I know how to win.. Just wear nuthin but a bag around your crotch & dance & rap !! Anyhow PLEASE add me to your e-mail list. This was my 5th Bag, my sister-in-law Patti works with Tony at Huntington Hosp & has made it a tradition to buy me 4 tix for my B-day June 21st so looks like you'll be stuck with me for awhile. By the way I play a pretty decent GURIAN acoustic guitar if you need any extra pickin !! GREAT SHOW GREAT FUN SHITS & GIGGLES, Ed..

Editors note: Ed was the suppository head in the Paper Bag Designer Bag Contest this year. photo to follow
6/30/2006 ~ Eileen Mulhern Honeywell
I want to thank you for mentioning my brother Brian in your Peas & Carrots article this year. It was a great surprise to see him remembered so many years later and certainly made our mom happy that his memory is still in the minds of others. Sadly, Brian passed away in Sept. of 1994 and we all miss him. I especially appreciated the line in your article about remembering someone missing in your life and have some fun for them. Fun we shall have! My brother Kevin of Mulhern Brothers is alive and well, the father of 4 beautiful daughters (I always said that was his payback for all the girls he dated way back when).
Although you and I don't know each other, we have friends in common - one of which I just got off the phone with - the lovely Miss Lisa Silecchio. At any rate, I would like to thank you again for remembering Brianand how good it made us feel.
I hope you do continue to play rock n' roll as long as you are physically able.
Yours truly,
Eileen Mulhern Honeywell
6/29/2006 ~ Charlie Koeppel
Hi Mike,

We met doing sound at Chelsea's about 22 years ago. I was thesound tech for Taylor Made and Rocks at the time. You invited me way back then to Paper Bag but I could never make it because I couldn't give up work days. That said, I finally made this one and it was an absolute blast. ( being unemployed does have a perk or two )

I had a great time meeting up with Tommy Menkes and his lovely wife and seeing my old friend Joe ( what do you mean I had another tune to sing ? ) Scolo sing Hair. I really didn't recognize any of the other playersaside fromyou.

My personal favorites were the Tower of Power, Humble Pie, Zeppelin ( the guitarist did an outstanding job ) and Steely Dan ( excellent vocalist ) tunes. The sound crew did a very respectable job considering the level of chaos in events of this type.

It takes leadership to pull off an event like this once. To sustain it for 29 years is quite the accomplishment. Kudos to your family and friends and of course to you and your wife. Excellent Job !!!!!!! May God allow you another 29years of Bagdom.


Charlie Koeppel
(still playing bass,occaisionally doing sound)
6/29/2006 ~ Tony Barca
HI Folks,
Just wanted to get this out before my memory fades...
First off for those that did not make it we hope to see you next year for the 30th PB Festival..
And for the vocal section this year... You guys & Girl.. Did a fantastic job preparing for all that we did..Kudos to all of you for a job well done..And I had my doubts about some stuff in the run through.. mostly what I was singing and the band getting it right .. But they did..
There are so many outstanding moments it may be hard to remember all of them..
ALLAN>>>>>Outstanding as always.. Being on stage with you is always a great experience.. You're a pro in every sense of the word and it shows in every note you sing..The PB would not be the same without you being there... Thanks Man
JIM>>>>>>>You stole the show again... The Lou Rawls Thing and the Lil Buster were among the most memorable PB performances of all time.. Great job as always..
Lee>>>As always Outstanding performances, you have been a great addition to this section and a real team player..
Dawnette>>>)(*#09731681309179(&*&!)*#^^)((&)!&)(&!#)(&)#&)!(^%&%!(&)!)(!) &(*^*^!(*)!)(!&()&)(&!)(&)#)!&)(!&#)!(&*&#()*!^)!*&
Denise>>>>>>>Great job Kiddo.. It must have been a lot of pressure being the only female voice at rehearsals but you stepped up and gave it your best and a fine job you did at it also...(((((((((())))))))))))
Lester>>>>>I told you this already but I'll say it again... You did a great job this year Your performances were the best I have seen you do..Kudos man....You make your leader proud..I still can't believe that you could play and sing Soul vaccination at the same time.. That is an amazing thing cause I know how hard it is to play bass and sing .. :) Thanks for being part of the team..
Chris>>> Again you pulled through did your home work and gave great performances..Bad case was superb....Nothing' from Nothing' too..Thanks for being there..for all of us
Dave>> The Garbage Man :0)..It is truly my honor to have such a willing participant.. You did a great job all around..Stones Kicked ass. And your harmony contributions were right on the money.......So if it's ok with you I'd rather have you in the vocal section again as opposed to taking the garbage out .. OK???? :)
Paul Espo>>>>>Outstanding Job....Miami was great...And Your contributions in the vocal section do not go un noticed..Remember what I said.. Singing harmony has it's perks.:)
Killer Joe>>>>>>Killer Job Bodyguard!! You have a wonderful and powerful presence on stage and your performances were as always outstanding.. The Mustang Sally Thing with Little Buster was great..Thanks for being there and for being my friend.... May you always be STRONG!!!!
Dentist>>>> Nice to have you back.... Great job on the Boss and JB.You and Lenny doing Bruce is always great to watch...Hope to see you next year >>>>>>>
Phil>>>>Great Job... Find your way to the vocal section more often..
Scollo>>>>>>>>HAIR was a blast. Great costume great performance... What happened for Voodoo Medicine Man????
The HAT>>>>>Cream tune was excellent and thanks for letting me use your guitar..
VAl>>>> Wonderful job on The Doctor and Free Ride. Hope you were satisfied with the harmonies..
John Boyle>>>>>>>The perfect example of Long Distance Love...Sorry you didn't make the rehearsal but Your 15 min Tull Thing as usual was incredible and being there for the bitter end shows me what you bring to your music.. Your the best..Great sax solos both night inDR WU..

Well if I missed anyone chalk it up to a senior moment..

Outstanding Moments for me>>>
1 Jim Small as Jim Rawls
2 Jim Small as Little Buster w/ Sue Guido checkin out the pretty Womens
3 Allan & Joe Mustang Sally
4 The Audience doing California Dreaming
5 Zappa for me.. And the band didn't crash & Burn in the bridge.. Thanks
6 Joe Scollo >>HAIR
7 Dawnette...NO WORDS Just Jaw on the floor
8 Song remains the Same
9 The 1000th Song
10 6345789........Just a song I always wanted to do the right way!! Thanks BAnd
11 Denise stepping up on the Game of Love..
12 Witch Doctor w Guido
13 There is so much more... which all make so me look so forward to the 30th year celebration..
To The Vocal Section>>
I just want to say to all of you, that is my pleasure to be your section leader.. I think that we have all come a long way in understanding the job we have to do. We all make the effort less painful be leaving any baggage outside and just putting your best foot forward in a joint effort..Thank You so much for that.. I could not ask for a better bunch of people to work with..You all go above and beyond what you have to do and it does not go un noticed by me or Guido..Thank You also for trusting me with song assignments.. It's hard to please everybody but I want you to know, I also WANT TO keep you all slightly out of your comfort zone.. After all, This is an opportunity to explore other styles and eras and genres of music we may not be so familiar with..Me doing Frank Zappa for instance.. Quite a stretch for me and well worth the endeavor..
You all are great and I hope to see you all back next year and some returnees too..
You All Make me Proud and Happy to do this "dirty job".. and I hope you all walk away each year feeling a little better about yourselves as performers.. You do an Awesome Job!!!
Many THANKS to You ALL...
Tony Barca
6/28/2006 ~ Howard Marks
This is not to suggest a song but to thank you for a great bag show last night. I'm not a musician but, WOW. Thank you for keep it all alive until death do we part. And to think I just found out about this. I must have had a bag over my head. Thanks for leading the finale up on the stage and leading us in singing, "Paper Bag, What a Drag." Hope I get into the tradition for many years to come.

Keep the house on fire!
I'm suffering from Bag Lag right now.

Howard Marks
Long Beach

"I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great
pleasure." --- Clarence Darrow
6/28/2006 ~ Dave the Rave
...Just wanted to thank you guys for having me again and for letting me sing again. If I couldn't sing and you just asked me to take the garbage out at the end of the night, I'd do thattoo. I'm just glad to be a part of the Bag, and a part of the cause.
Thanks again, and get some sleep.
Dave the Rave
6/28/2006 ~ Lee Thompson
I really want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience.
I have changed my calendar-basis so that my year begins on the 3rd Tuesday of June instead of January 1st.
My only regret is that my performances on Song Remains the Same & I Don’t Need No Doctor were not anywhere near as good as I would have liked. Maybe I’m getting too long in the tooth for this stuff…
Thanks again & stay cool!
Nothing but admiration & respect,
6/28/2006 ~ Joe Curcuru
great show last night. my ears are still ringing and my head is still cloudy, but we had a great time. almost made it to the end (3:35). this is only our 4th year and our only dissappointment is that we got into it so late. we were intorduced to your gig by a friend of mary (calzone). we'll try to get her into shape so she can do at least one push-up next year.

do you make video from the show available for sale?

thanks for your music and your time.