12/3/2001 ~ Al Arena
I was wondering if it would be possible to purchase a copy of the 1993-Paper Bag #16 movie. It was the only Bag I was lucky enough to participate in as I moved to Florida the following winter. It was the greatest musical experience of my life and I'm really sorry I never got back to LI for another. I don't know if copies are made of the movies, but I never got to see or hear any of the performance, so I'm really curious. If an audio tape (or CD) is a possibility that would interest me also. Whoever recieves this note, please give my regards to Mike Guido, Jim Small and the band. I used to be very friendly with the guys an sat in with them occasionally at Dakota Rose (usually to sing "Up On Crippled Creek" or Jim' original "One Watches, The Other One Goes".) I miss the whole scene very much.
Some former bandmates of mine are in "Founding Fathers" who open up for JSB at Mulcahy's on occasion.

Thank you for your time.
Al Arena (ex-Little Dynamite)
9/16/2001 ~ Dave
These are the worst days. Now the sunny skies have turned grey with a cold rain. The rain of tears, the pain and fears, the sadness and desperation of our hearts - our world - our nation. As we drove into the city my eyes filled with tears at the site of a giant hole in the skyline filled with a grey cloud where those beautiful buildings and the thousands of individuals who work there once stood. My heart was sickened by the site and smell of a city on fire. As we moved uptown to our place of work for the night we saw a dazed and confused New York, but at the same time a hopeful, vibrant, American flagflying, helpful, friendly, volunteering and refusing to let fear rule them mass of people getting on with there lives as best they can. We arrived and set up at the nite - club. As we play to a small but friendly crowd the club begin to fill up.We said despite everything it still is A Wonderful World and we played that song. Finally some couples got up to dance and the dance floored filled. I cried as we played and through the tears I saw a woman begin to cry she was comforted by a friend as she walked outside onto the street. I see the fireman and bouncer who had been injured from the crash they waved and smiled, we see them all the time, I'm glad to see them tonight - lucky to be alive. As we play another song my sadness turns to anger my soul pours out through the music as I play my guitar - war solo with a vengeance I have never felt before, one more chorus - no I'm not done yet - alright it's over - it's out there - but there's more to come. People from Scotland buy us drinks make us laugh and tell how they always loved New Yorkers but even more so now after seeing how we respond to this act of war. They give us there addresses and tell us that they are going to fight with us to Get Those Bastards. People from all over the world are in the club and we share a brief evening of joy & distraction before heading out onto the streets into the lightening thunder and rain. The rain to help put out the fires, clear the air and cool the spirit. The
pain grows deep and the tears will fall for a long time now - Our world is changed for ever. A wake up call has sounded there is hope and a future with alot of work to be done.

Rest up America try to get some sleep - we're going to need it there is alot of work to be done.

P.S. On a brighter note from my previous e-mail.
Last night on our gig in NYC a saw a man with an American Flag cape on his shoulders. On his head was an American flag hat around his neck he wore an American flag pulled up his neck around his gas mask. He had roller skated up town and into the club. Over his shoulder was a sack filled with big American Flags.He pulled a flag out of his sack and gave it to me. I smiled and gave him a big hug and we laughed and laughed. It was my old friend Jimmy Clisset! Spreading his love and hope and just being Jimmy. I Love that guy.
9/10/2001 ~ Liz D.
We will come whenever it is happening. However, many of my friends have expressed an interest in the bag, if only it were not on a week night. Sad but true. If it is held on a Friday night, better get a much bigger place. Paper bag what a drag...
7/14/2001 ~ Jack W.
Went to work this morning and my co-worker Gary Q. turned me on to this download of the Dregs doing peaches en Regalia. it was very cool and he mentioned that he would like to do it at next year's bag. it reminded me that I did go to this year's (stayed til the intermission - but it was only my first one - i'll get better) and had a totally cool time. Just thought I'd say hi.
7/5/2001 ~ Johnny C
I heard rumors of The Vanderbilt next year for te 25th...not true??

I'll throw out ideas..."Body Parts" set...with "Hot Legs", Talking Heads, "Arms Wide Open"..you get the idea.
Also, Rod Stewart stuff like "Hot Legs", "Stay With Me", and "I'm Losin' You" are all crowd movers!!!

BTW..I still can't get over the horns this year...Val and the guys were ON THEIR GAME!!! It also looked like Lester and the guy wth the black G&L were the only Bass players having fun. Just an observation......I'l shut up now!!!
6/30/2001 ~ TEM
hope you got that thing from hud that i brought down......i gave it to jim small ....the show was excellent...as always .....the intro was nice on the money..2001....well i hope that you had a good time i know i did...with all the women and the tunes......you were to busy with the production for me to get to you ...and i did not want you yelling at me ...no sir....well say hi to sue ....and rick slick foe me .....see ya next year or sooner.....this was around my 20th bag ....as a fan.....well things are starting to heat up ......up here in saratoga...if you ever get the chance come see me and HUD ...AT SIROS.........MIKE .CUMMMINGS...KNOWS ...ok pal see ya......good show.......................
6/30/2001 ~ Dawn Barca ~ Re: The Big One
Knowing all of his measurements I will not comment on Tony and his big one because some things are private...however I will say it has been an eventful week. Tony is back to his ornery self and with a little time he'll be back and better than ever. Doctors orders. Thank you everyone for your support and messages and offers to be available for us- it means so much. today is "family day" as our 4 year old puts it so gotta get back to the family. When my head is clear I will post Tony's and my Bag Story, it's why we are together to this day I think...
6/30/2001 ~ Tony Barca ~ The Big One
Hi there,
Just a note to let you all know that I am out of the Hospital and at home recouping. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers and countless messages which Dawn has been fielding..
I'm doing well and will be back in action pretty soon..
Thanks Again and My Love to All of you
6/29/2001 ~ Crazy Mama
hello - i attended my first paper bag show this past tuesday. IT WAS WONDERFUL. The best part of the night besides the music was getting to rock and roll with people my own age. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I have only one question, How can I or where can I apply to be a Cheese Calzone? I was never so proud to be a woman over 35. Congratulations Ladies!

I'll see you next year, unless of course I can apply to be a Cheese Calzone.
6/28/2001 ~ Johnny C
Mike..another fantastic night!! I had a few people show up that I have been bugging for a while to come, and they were blown away. Seemed like more horns...less guitars this year.
"Does Anybody really Know..." was OUTSTANDING. The horns were on their marks for this Bag!!
Poor Lester!!! He played a perfect walking bass for the Les Paul tune!!
Thanks again for a great night of music.
As always, I offer my meeger guitar playing talents for a future Bag. Maybe before I die!! LOL

6/28/2001 ~ Paula
To all involved with organizing Paper Bag,

I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time last night. For years I have heard about this evnt from Robby Smith and my husband Sandy, but this was my first time actually going. I will be there next year with a bunch of friends. Oh and you are right about taking the next day off; I wish I could have taken off, but seeing that it was the last day of school I really needed to go in.
6/28/2001 ~ Jim
You folks (guys and dolls) were soooooooooooooo hot last night. I was so taken by Blind Faith sets - it was like a time warp.
Thank you very for making my week.
6/28/2001 ~ Pete Scully
I was talking to a couple of people in the back of the room at Mulcahy's. The Blind Faith set was playing. I hear this guy up on the stage nailing all of these impossible notes. So I turned around and I see Lester. Immeditately, a big smile came across my face. I saw a look of total serenity on his big, fat head.

I talked to him later about how well I thought he did & he told me a story. He & his 10 year old son would go over the music when they rode around in his car. His son learned all of the lyrics with him & knew where all of the music came in. In fact, Lester told me that his son knew it better than he did.

That's what I think this is all about. Commitment & Support. It's really nice to hear where the support comes from, other than the obvious effort put forth by band members.

Lester rocked the house.
6/23/2001 ~ Zapple
...but will you use it?
These are the voyages of the paperbag, their mission is to boldly play like no band has played before......
Good luck Tuesday
break a dilithium crystal!

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