Polecat & the Downwind Dance Band
featuring Tony Rome & his Cheese Calzones


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Paper Bag Executive Board

Many people wonder how this crazy, complicated show, with all its myriad details, ever comes together at all. Most of the credit goes to the Executive Board who work many hours so that we can all enjoy the Bag. Board meetings begin in January are held in the War Room and are usually hilarious. The Executive Board is responsible for the songlist and the list of players. They make all decisions regarding Bag Policy. It is these people who do the heavy work that makes the Bag happen year after year. Thank them when you see them.
Tony Rome - Scott Savitt
Cheese Calzones - Marianne Barton, Mary McAndrews
Vocalists - Denise Corazón
Guitarland - Mike Cummings, Joe Anziano
Keyboard Ghetto - Larry Ketchell, Gary Quenqua
The Down Wind Horns -Lenny LaPinta
Harps - Paul Shields, Joe Santino
Basses - Tom Flyntz, Lester Saldinger
Percussion - Scott Kistenberger, Don Larsen
Sound - Larry Phrögk Perlman
Lights - Greg Hebel
Photography - Bill Mason
Construction - George Ranzette
Door Crew - Sue Guido
Barcreep - John Christison
Ladies Auxiliary - Sue Guido
Mr. Guido's Valet - Jim Mola
Mr. Guido's Spiritual Advisor - Tom Russo
Toastmaster - Bruce Sautkulis
Group W Bench - Forever Ed Lowe