The Frank Hendricks Memorial Award
presented to
The Most Valuable Player

Mr. Frank Hendricks relaxing after the gig

Frank Hendricks (1910-1986) was Mike Guido's next door neighbor and good friend. He was, like many of us, a working musician- a keyboard player who billed himself as "The Original One Man Band". Frank left the police department in 1935 to be a musician and he worked at it for the next 50 years. We musicians take care of each other and although Frank is gone, he will not be forgotten. This Paper Bag Most Valuable Player Award has been named in his honor.

The Dwight Winther Memorial Award
presented to
The Bagger with the Biggest Smile

That Big Red Bear

Dwight Winther, who passed away suddenly in 1991, was a member of the Paper Bag family. You may remember him by his Paper Bag shirt name, THAT BIG RED BEAR. He worked the clubs with us and was a good friend. We who knew him will always remember how his smiling face and curly red hair towered over the crowd. In his memory, we present an annual award to a Bag Member who brings the same sense of joy to the Bag, that Dwight brought to everything he did.
Most Valuable Player Bagger with the Biggest Smile
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