12/16/2002 ~ Joe Silver
During an idle moment one day while I was at work, for some reason the thought popped into my head: "Hmmm... I wonder if there is a Paper Bag Web site..." I performed a search, and discovered that not only is there such a site, but it's a good one!

I had the honor of participating in the Bag for several years as a member of the bass section, from the late '80s to the mid-'90s. I remember having lots of fun, consuming more alcohol than seems humanly possible, and experiencing a great deal of stress (and I wasn't even a section leader - to say nothing of what Mike Guido must go through!).

To Mike: It's cool to see you're still doing this. The Paper Bag is a huge undertaking, and my hat is off to you for keeping it going. Your site is entertaining, and brings back fond memories.

In the intervening years I have retired from playing music, and become one of those people referred to in this site who "doesn't get out much." Maybe when Long Island clubs adopt the smoking ban that is now under consideration here in my adopted home town of New York City, I'll consider starting to go out occasionally at night again... (That's a joke, folks! Long Island bars without clouds of cigarette smoke? Probably not in OUR lifetime.) However, I do miss the Paper Bag. I've never experienced anything else quite like it!

Editors note: Joe Silver participated in Bags #11 through #17 and is an outstanding bassist, musician and letter writer. One year his bag name was Amadaeus, and he usually wore the sobriquet "Mr. Sub", a name selected for him by Scott Kistenberger, because he was the perfect substutite bass player. Great ear and sense of root movement. He once penned an impassioned plea not to emualte club date leaders and use the title "Motown hour" to cover a catch-all of soul, blues, Memphis, Chicago etc. Nice guy.
7/12/2002 ~ OKTerrriffic
You've got a fan for life. I had to let you know that first (before I criticized ANYTHING). However, you forgot to mention in your Master Playlist, the sweetheart of the evening. The girl that was sweet and cooler than the other side of the pillow: Susan (Sue-B-Doo) Weiss, along with, (according to my paperbag scorecard) Caroline (BLUZ CHEEZ) Aiken. Their performance of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Pride and Joy was hot. Anyway, if you can pass this message along to Susan : Be my bride !! I want to hear you sing all the time. I'm bringing a ring to next year's paper bag. Please accept!!
6/29/2002 ~ Lee Finkelstein
well ... thanks mike, we did it again. it takes a minute for the numbness to wear off and then i realize how amazing and truly what a blessing this is. i thought this year was exceptional. i guess we do get better with age. anyway i'm plotzing (yiddish for: bursting with and can't vait already)
to send you my annual requests (real early) especially after jim small mentioned "all new material" for next year" so, here goes:
Tull: Benefit, Stand UP> To Cry You a Song, etc.
Jeff Beck: Anything from Rough & Ready
Humble Pie: Live Fillmore
Tower: What is Hip, Still a Young Man
EWF: Lets Groove, We Can Touch the World
Edgar Winter: Save the Planet
Eagles/Henley: Dirty Laundry
Isley Bros/AWB: Work To Do
Steely: Bodhisatva, Preztel Logic, Kid Charl, Josie, Peg, Dirty Work, Chain Lightning,
Zappa: anything
Dead :Scarlet Begonias, Mr. Charlie, Truckin
Derek & Dominoes: other's
Jaco w/Sam & Dave: Come on Come over
Hot Tuna: anything
J Airplane: Somebody to love & others
P Funk: Tear the roof off the sucker & others
Quicksilver Messenger Service:
Canned Heat:
Neil Young:
Byrds: 8 miles high
Billy Joel:
Preston: Will he go round
John Lennon:
Dr. John: Got it in the rightplace
Neveille Bros:
Funky Meters: Cissy's Strut
I looked at the master song list and thought some were missed. and I'm sure some of these have been done but ... I'm trying
Peace & Love & Baggage For Life,
6/29/2002 ~ Dan Ziegler
Dear Paper Bag members,

Well back in 1989 when I was graduating college my brother told me to come down from Rhode Island for a party called the Paper Bag. That was then, Thursday June 27th was my second. and I must say some things stay the same, like the host, the music quality, the solo's and the FUN...

My new friends that came for the first time had a great experience, as did I.. We will make sure not to let another 12 years go between parties. Hang Over almost gone, took the next day off...

Dan Ziegler and friends...
6/28/2002 ~ Johnny C.
Mike Guido's proudest moment....side 2 of Abbey Road. You were right...the most beautiful 35 minutes of music I have ever seen and heard. Everyone could see that you were sincerely moved. (Thought you were gonna lose it for a second). Just beautiful. ......and is Lester proud of that custom bass or WHAT??!! (BTW...the clock is counting UP now)
PLAYLOUD!!!!!! Johnny C.
6/27/2002 ~ Everett
Hi Guido,
Okay, I am one of those perpetual members of the crowd. [Yes, when prompted, I will BOO! the band.] I have no musical skills and , therefore, may never even consider wearing the T-shirt of honor. [Yet, I know Many members ( 50 or so), and I worked with Mark Coffey at Goldman Bros., all of which qualifies me not at all.] Through all the years (about 10 now --yes, that makes me a young'un), I have wished for only one performer beyond those that have wonderfully taken the stage. Where is Rick from the Stanton Anderson Band? I know that he has periodically been involved behind the scene. Might the world's best guitarist consent to perform on the occasion of the Bag's 25th anniverary? How might one overcome his extreme humility/ shyness? I suspect that this all comes too late (on the eve of the bag). Yet, I could not let another --and most important-- year go by without requesting the one performer who has been particularly noticeable by his absence.over the years. yeah, too much 'til tomorrow.
See you then, Sir.
6/26/2002 ~ Bob Rozycki
Duck and Guido,

We already heard the theme is 25 years of the Bag. Ricky, Sandy and me have already talked about it, but can't make it. I will be rocking in my garage. Thanks for the song list. I talked to the Grit a week ago. All is well with his comedy act. It is time for Hot Fun in the Summertime. I am trying to get Pete to show up.
Say hi to Paul Shields.
1/7/2002 ~ Peggy
Broadway Bag-- (OR Women's Bag--Girlie songs...LOL OR Time theme-- any song that has time in the title, lyric or just plays in a weird time -- get it? Huh? or maybe a Southern Fried Bag- for which I will be appropriately prepared--) Happy New Year Mike Susie and the whole fam damily----
Peace, Peggy