7/1/2004 ~ Joanie
As always, I had a terrific time Tuesday night. It's so great to see everyone there year after year. I almost lost my voice that night but with lemon water, vocal exercises I did in the parking lot, and Halls given to me by Dawnette, I gave it my best shot. I don't know how I did but I had a lot of fun. I haven't sung in front of an audience since last year's Bag so this was a real treat.

Thank you again Mike and have a great summer!

Sincerely, Joanie
7/1/2004 ~ Telling my story here
I am just browsing through the pages while I watch Spongebob with my daughter...paged back to the #13 Bag, that's the night that inspired my wedding song!! I had known Tony B for a while, I worked and he played (music) at Garvin's in those days, we "worked" together and were friendly...in a working together sense. The #13 Bag in Sundance I was in the audience and (literally) bumped into Tony B, he was performing that night (his first Bag as a vocalist) but was "on break" and walking through the crowd. I can't recall what song it was that was playing at that moment but we danced together for a few minutes and went our separate ways. He got back onstage and I went back to the bar. A few weeks later he approached me at work (Garvin's) and after a whole lot of hemming and hawing (and about 3 shots of free tequila) he asked me on a date. Went to a concert (Bonnie Raitt) and the rest is history!! We got married in 1993, and 14 Bags, one kid and a heart attack later here we are. My wedding song was custom made...

" I remember the night that we met, it was a night that I'll never forget-oh baby... it's the way that we danced..."

I could go on and on but I won't.

But that's MY story and I am sticking to it!!

Dawn Barca
7/9/2004 ~ Chopr147


7/1/2004 ~ Paul Esposito
Well, it's the day after the bag and I am proud to have been a part of it. Special thanks to Denise Corazon for getting me on board, Tony Barca for hosting and coaching during vocal rehearsals, as well as for getting me, a rookie, on 3--count 'm--3 songs. Of course, thanks to Guido for allowing me to get my foot in the door. I can't wait to see the video, cause my camcorder didn't do the job on HOT FOR TEACHER, and I think this one kicked some major ass. That's all for now..........will write more soon. Got a wedding to prep for on 7/9..MINE!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Esposito #35, no longer-rookie-status.
6/30/2004 ~ Dominic
Hi, Went to the show last night. My 1st bag was 1981 and I have only missed a few since.. Had a great time as always. If I had criticism it would be that I thought the songs were a bit dreary. A few more up tempo tunes would have been great. Great job by all, Dawnette has some set of pipes! I have always wondered if there is a way to get videos or dvds of the bags? let me know, thanks and take care,, have a great summer!

6/10/2004 ~ Kevin Murphy
Hi gang. I'm not sure who exactly I am writing this too, hopefully it will get to the right person. My name is Kevin Murphy. I am a long time "bagger". As a matter of fact I bartended at Rumrunners of Oyster bay from 1981 to 1990 and worked the bags from '83-'87 or most of 'em, the years are a little cloudy from back then. Here is where the reason I am writing begins. One of my best friends, Mike "Bash" Bashian who bartended all of those years with me at Rumrunners died of a massive heart attack on December 19, 2003. He was 42. He has left behind his wife Pam and two beautiful sons Logan and Dylan ages 8 and 4. Mike loved "the Bag". After it left Rumrunners he continued to follow the Bag every year and made almost every one as far as I know. Even when he was later transferred out of state he would make it a point to return to LI the last week of June so he wouldn't miss the bag. In 2002 Mike lived in Texas and came up specifically for the Bag with his wife, I came in from my current home in CT. and that night will remain one of my fondest memories of time spent with him.

Mike has only one sibling, his brother Bobby who we affectionately call "Old Man" even though he is a year younger then Mike was. He too is a super guy and a die hard Bagger. "Old Man" may actually love the Bag even more than Mike did and I know he has only missed one since the Rumrunners days. (he was a bar back there). He is heartbroken over the loss of his brother and closest friend.

Here is where you come in. We (Old Man, his wife Pam and I) have decided that we will hold our annual memorial for Mike beginning this year and hopefully for many years to come at the annual Paper Bag. We chose this night because we knew how much Mike loved it. Pam has flown in from Texas with the boys for the event. We felt Mike would have liked it this idea. What a great place to get all of his old friends together to toast him and celebrate his life. I have voluntarily taken on the coordinator role and am trying to get together as many of Mike's friends as possible to attend this year. I should have a nice turnout. we are even trying to find many of the old rumrunners crew to attend. I know you will have 1500 people there that night and I am not really sure what if anything you could do to acknowledge our gathering that night. What I think would be an awesome thing to do is if we could present Mike's brother "Old Man'" and his wife Pam with honorary Bag jerseys. Pam's could say "Bash" on the back in honor of Mike. The numbers wouldn't matter but maybe they could be 83 and 84 for the first years they worked the bag. I would gladly pay for the jerseys. You wouldn't have to give them out onstage as I know that is a lot to ask. I could bring them backstage or whatever works for you guys. It would mean SOOOO much to them, I know it would be something they both would cherish. They obviously don't know I am writing this to you. If at all possible PLEASE e-mail me back. Thanks!!!!!
7/2/2004 ~ Kevin Murphy
Hi Mike,
What can I say, GREAT night, GREAT BAG, GREAT time! After all these years I'm sure you still find it rewarding when it's all said and done. It is truly a major production! Well add this to your list of things to be proud of this year, your support of our memorial for Bash made a HUGE difference. In fact, it made our event. Both Old Man and Pam had the best time they have had since Mike's passing. I think they actually put their problems aside for the night and just enjoyed the night. Including the tribute to Bash in the program meant more than you will ever know. I read it aloud at Old Man's house before the show to Mike's mother, Old Man, Pam and friends. There wasn't a dry eye including my own. Pam will be bringing it back to Texas with her to share with friends and family there as well. I then handed out the shirts to all including Dylan and Logan's. The shirts made the night. Old Man was in his glory! Out of his 20 consecutive Bags I know he was never prouder or happier then to be wearing his own official Bag jersey! Pam was also thrilled with her "Bash" jersey as was I !!!!!! Pam had made a Bag wizard hat and almost pulled off winning the contest! She was in rare form and it was great to see her having a good time. After all we were there to celebrate Mike's life and party as we know he would have. The set list was great. The band was awesome. The Zeppelin tunes were outstanding and the dedication of "Pride" to us was something I will remember as we all huddled together and raised our glasses in unison to toast Bash. Mike, I really can't thank you enough. You may not think you did a lot but believe me, what you did made a world of difference!!!!!!

Thanks again. Hope to do it again next year, and the next and the next.........

Wishing you and yours all the best,

Kevin Murph
6/3/2004 ~ Sharon
Hey Mike - after watching from the Mulcahy's crowd for years, I'm wondering what a gal has to do to get on stage with her congas and join in the annual Rundgren number? I know it's always pretty crowded up there, but I'd like to know if you take volunteer drummers for just this song? I'd be glad to share my congas with someone who doesn't wanna work and needs something to bang! So, is there an initiation fee or something?! :-)

4/18/2004 ~ Brendan O'Keefe
I have been studying bizarre cults for awhile now, (hence my interest in the Paper Bag), and upon viewing the anatomically ambiguous photograph on the web site, I have concluded that the subject is a member of the infamous 'Half-Moon Society'. They are an all-male club whose members shave one of their buttocks every year at sunrise on the vernal equinox. They perform the ritual as a silent protest to geriatric public flatulence.

4/10/2004 ~ Kevin Paige
As the self elected leader of the Connecticut Funk Delegation, I would like to know what the Paper Bag deal is in regards to admission. Does this thing fill up and do we get tickets in advance? I already have taken the next day off so what do we do now other than wait it out?

I have been waiting for 3 years to hit my first Paper Bag, and this is it!

Kevin Paige