12/3/2005 ~ lord quackenbush (the pyrate)
hey mike ,

i am annual bagger been going for last 15 years or so . would like to suggest a more of a rockin gig ... classic rock stuff sabbath (not paranoid ) ozzy ,, guns and roses ,tull, doors, less of the older slower stuff. maybe some morden rock stuff,, i finds thebag music to be a bit slow and to old some times .. i love the good rock u play just more of it . well thats my 2 cents looking forward t o the bag 2006 .. regards

lord quackenbush ( the pyrate )
7/30/2005 ~ Degs
Mike Great Bag. Once again I brought a few new virgins with me. I saw one the next day and she was still giggling and told me she couldn't get the Bag Theme out of her head.

One of my Bag virgins was at a restaurant explaining to her husband why she had to go out to this Paper Bag thing and that it wouldn't be a good idea for him to come because the ticket says to take the next day off. He wasn't buying it until someone at the next table interrupted and asked if they were talking about the PAPER BAG. They confirmed this and he told them that it was awesome, however the last one he was at was in the early nineties because he could never make it to work and even got fired once due to Bag Lag. Problem solved and my Bag Virgin had an awesome time and slept till noon. Being a teacher has its advantages.

Years ago you used to have scantly dressed women walk across the stageholding signs announcing the total of beers drank by the crew. Maybe it is time to have FAT GIRLs announce how much weight the crew has gained. We can start with my 40lbs.

Hush was great how about the Stones' Monkey Man next year.

Great seeing everyone.

Usta be Degs
7/29/2005 ~ IPLAYLOUD
You said, under the tent in your speech, to have as much fun as possible. After playing on 40 songs, I can honestly tell you I have never had that much fun, but there is something more.

I was quite nervous about Pink Floyd. They were notes that couldn't be faked, and I realised I was there without a net. I had never done that, and from what many people told me (from fellow musicians to people in the crowd), I did the song some justice. I saw that my fellow guitar players all stepped back and gave me my moment to shine, and I respect them and thank them for that.

(BTW: You must have missed the Guitar SectionWine & Cheese Party. Scolo brought some Cabernet, and Noodles some Cheese and Crackers. We all had a toast ay the beginning ONSTAGE. No Grey Poupon, though.A new tradition!)

What you didn't know was the REASON and meaning I had for wanting to playthat songright.

The woman who built my guitar was sitting at the bar.(Yeah, it looks like a 40 year old Fender with scratches, nicks, lacquer checks, and rusted parts...but it's 3 months old!). Dawn has become one of my closest friends. She is amazing. Every guitar is one of her "girls", andis a part of her.

Thank You for helping me hit a level I have never been to, and giving me the chance to make Dawn happy.

Music DEFINATELY can heal.
7/29/2005 ~ The Olde Dude
Hi Guys and Girls..
Let me first say you all did an outstanding job for the limited amount of rehearsal time we had. maybe next year there will be more time.
It was a wonderful bag with real good music that kept the audience there until late.//
Rookies ..You all did a great job it's nice to have such troopers on board.. My Heartfelt Thanks to you all..Steve, Chris, Joe & Dave ..Kudos..
The rest of you old-timers you did it again. Pulled it off almost without a hitch.. It was a lot of fun for me this year because I knew I could count on each and every one of you to go above and beyond. Thank You All..
You all give your time and effort lovingly to this project and it does not go unnoticed..
Here's to many more successful years " IN THE BAG"..
Please forward this email to Steve Pincus and Chris Casper if anyone has their email.. I probably have it but cannot find it at this moment..
For those who didn't make it.. I look forward to your return..:D:D

Peace, Power and health to You All
7/28/2005 ~ Joanie
Hey there Mike!

I just wanted to say have a great show tonight!
I'll be thinking of all of youwhile I sing Abby to sleep with the "Paper Bag Theme".

Sincerely, Joanie
6/4/2005 ~ Cathy
So I'm surfing around AOL looking for something to do when I come back to Long Island for vacation, and what do I see?The Paper Bag!! I can't believe you guys are still doing this! Wow, its been a long time. I used to hang at the Brokerage on Tuesday nights, it was the only time my friend Cathy (who waited tables there), my other friend Kathy, and I (Cathy) had during the week to hang together.....we are all still friends, seven kids between us, and still talk about the good old days when we could actually stay out all night and then go straight to work the next morning. I left Long Island in 1985, but I come back alot (flying free helps) and don't even hold against you guys that I met ny now ex-husband on a Tuesday night at the Brokerage. I'd love an actual, real-life, almost professional recording of all those great old songs, then I could finallyget rid ofthe old cassette tapes I still have somewhere.

Oh, and I still have the t-shirts. My kids wear em.


One of the three Cathy's
6/4/2005 ~ Jon Wilde
Hey Mike,

I just stumbled onto your website.

Friend (later roommate) of Stevie Rome.I'm the guy that bought his red 76 Honda 750 Supersport.You know, the one with identical keys to yours...Never forget being outside Chelsea's one night when you jumped on the bike and raced down the street. "Oh, I forgot to tell you" says Steve. "Guido's keys fit your bike".

God, this brings back a flood of memories. I used to get out to Chelsea Pub every time I could, even though I lived in Queens. We had no place like it where I lived.

I hadn't been back to the village until a couple of years ago when I saw some films at the Media Arts Center. Ate at the Mediterranean Snack Bar, and walked past the former Chelsea for the sake of nostalgia.

Had some great times, heard some great music, and met some wild women there, at least from what I can remember....lol. I'm still friends with Steve, although I don't see much of him since I moved upstate last fall. I now livein Saratoga, about 200 miles away. We'll generally get together when I'm down that way though.

Listened to one of the early Bag mp3's with Steve singing, and in my mind Ican still see Grit with a bag on his head. If I find myself on the Island on the day of one of the Bags, I'll be sure to check it out. Did Cramer ever move back east, or did he stay in California? Now that's a bike ride I'd like to do again!

Best regards,


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Keep up the great work!!