7/13/2003 ~ Degs
Mike I was cleaning out my basement and came across the video tape of the 1985 Dakota Rose Golf Classic. It was hysterical. We can't be 18 years older. We were all very funny guys. My daughter was amazed watching her then 22 year old mother in action. Some highlights or low lights include 30 second Mike Guido Golf Tips, three out of the four guys in the Crawdaddy's foursome have died. McGlynn with driving across sandtraps with 5 carts in pursuit.Jim Bauer disappearing into the clubhouse after the 12th. A very quiet Aldo. Could be the first time he meet us, we didn't know Rudi or the pup yet. How does Pete Stennick keep his hair in place? Elaine, Elaine, Elaine and Benny. (Three holes no waiting) Jim Small and John Boyle out drinking the rest of the tournament. Thanks it brought many smiles to my face.
The Bag was great! I brought 11 virgins and every one of them had the time of their lives. I love hearing, "How didn't I know about this?" See you soon.
7/4/2003 ~ Harry O
Hi Mike and Sue,
It's been about 11 years since I've move away from LI. - First, to get into "something new" in CT. (computers, oh geeez!) Since then I've moved to San Francisco, got a new carear and married a beautiful and talented woman. But our annual trips back 'home' to the east coast have been riddledwith insane schedules of running around to visit family all over New England. Until 2001... (my rookie year - Gung-ho, bringin charts, scores, laptop and every damn thing.) We now have our Bag trip... Hot fun in the summertime with no biological family obligations. :) Coming back to our "real" home in Long Island every summer is one of the major highlights of the year. This year was no exception. I was reunited with many old friends from LI that I've lost contact with. (Hey Tina, Chaz, Joe G, John, Loraine, Roger )

Catherine(Pipes) and I can NOW say that we have a very close and highly disfunctional family in the Paper Bag that we LOVE DEARLY. All of the talent you guys demonstrate make this an honor to be a part of. Period.

Thanks for an exceptional Pretzel Logic performance all of you horns and vocals!
Not being at the bag... now that's a drag!

Harry Oestreicher
visualize whirled peas
7/2/2003 ~ Pete Scully
Hi Everybody,
OY!!! Such a headache I'm having!!! DEHYDRATION WITH THE HURTING AND SCHMELDING AND A FLAVIN!!!! (My best Jerry Lewis impression) Well, first of all, to clear up any rumors, I was the only one in the car when it got hit in the hit & run that gave me the broken digit (somehow my wife - and then my sister entered the story when the word got around). Thanks to everybody involved with the Bag for their concern. Secondly, I already have an idea (no kidding?) for any Beatles stuff for next year. How about songs from each of their solo careers? I dunno...sounded better when I said it the first time (or were the voices in my head taking over again?) How about a Bob Marley set? P-FUNK/PARLIMENT SET PLEEEZE!!!!! Ok enough already mister...MISTER...(Anybody remember that? I hope everybody's recovering nicely. You guys start sending me emails of where you'll be playing. Might Be able to come and see you.
Baggedly yours,
Pete Scully
7/1/2003 ~ Perry Cuni
Mike & Co., Just wanted to say that my friends and I had a great time once again at The Bag this year. We started attending the festivities about 15 years ago, and although we missed a few during the 90's we've returned to the fold the last 4 years. I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for next year ! I was wondering if the official Rubber Soul / Paper Bag t-shirts are available for purchase by non-band members ? I think they were the coolest tees I've seen since I've been going to The Bag and I'd like to purchase one if possible. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work. We'll see you all next year at Mulcahy's.

Sincerely, Perry Cuni
6/29/2003 ~ Rich Campbell
I'm sure you are well done.... Yet another great BAG... Thanks as ever for putting it together.... Priceless moment you probably missed: When Harry was playing the Mr. Rogers, his hands were shaking, almost uncontrollably... but he got through it....
Enjoy your summer.
6/27/2003 ~ Lunch Bag
Hey Tony,
Great Party.
Just emailing you about my big win last evening. I have two ladies tothank. First for finding the bag on the floor for me, and second forencouraging me to compete. They were very cute. I have no idea who they were.

Joe Carbone (aka Lunch Bag)
Vice President
Pat's Prime Meats, Inc.
6/8/2003 ~ Paul Weber, the singing dentist
Dear Mike,
I have just gotten some bad/great news but unfortunately it affects my performing in the Bag. A project that I have been involved with (a toothbrush invention) for over 12 years is being presented at an international congress in Sweden. The inventor (who could make me a millionaire if it ever sells!) is insisting that I stand by his side and accept the honors of a recent plaque study that shows our brush removes more plaque than any other brush in existence. During the convention we will be entertaining offers from all the large corporations present for the sale of the brush, and well he is bein insistent that I attend. Now don't get me wrong, its not that Sweden isn't a cool place to be, but if I had my choice I would rather be in Wantagh on stage with you. And that is the truth.

So as of now, scratch my shirt requests, tickets and my songs. As for Ken, I am not sure if he is planning on coming with my sisters etc anyway. If he is, I will let you know. All of this and recovering from the appendectomy...
5/24/2003 ~ N Becker
My "cousin ed" (as everyone calls him) first turned me on to the "Bag" about 5 yrs ago! I've been going ever since. I've also incorporated a few of my friends as well. Anyways, at the 2000 Paper Bag, my husband proposed to me! We got married last August & have lived happily ever after!

Just wanted to share my bag experience.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Keep up the great work!!
5/23/2003 ~ A Nuzzo
Hi ALL. Just wanted to say that this will be my 9th BAG. Each one has been better than the last (Well, maybe w/ the exception of the year yoos did all thse commercial tunes).
Anyways, as always, me and the group...there's abot 15 of us, will be in our usual place-to your left behind the bar.
We also caught the Jim Smalls Band at Mulcahy's ----another great night.But, when are they gonna play on the boat again?
See you in june
1/31/2003 ~ Joe Silver • Addendum to My Post on the Guest Book
I stand corrected on the banning of smoking in Long Island clubs. Somehow it escaped my notice that legislation was signed last November to eliminate smoking in almost all workplaces in Nassau (including restaurants and bars) beginning March 1, 2003. A similar law is to go into effect in Suffolk in 2006. I can't deny that I'm happy about the ban. Some feel that such legislation is an example of government intrusion into people's personal lives. I see it as merely extending the same protection to those who work in such establishments as has already been accorded to workers in almost all other industries for many years.

True, it can be said that people who choose to become, say, bartenders know what they're letting themselves in for when they select such a profession, and neither need nor want to be "protected." However, the situation until now has been a bit different for musicians! If a musician said, "I choose not to work in environments where smoking is allowed," it was pretty much tantamount to saying, "I choose not to work." As a non-smoker, I also welcome the opportunity to go to a bar or club occasionally, enjoy a drink, and socialize without having to be subjected to smelly, eye-stinging, and lethal second-hand smoke. Even some smokers have told me they feel the same way.

Anyway, time for me to get off my soapbox! Now that I know that Mulcahy's will be smoke-free on June 26, I will pencil this year's Bag in my calendar. (If I can make it, it will be as a ticket-buying customer, not a performer!) I look forward to seeing my old friends again.

Editors note: Apparently Joe felt the need to comment further. Clearly he has too much free time at work and should go back to playing bass, a job at which he excells.

1/31/2003 ~ Joe Silver • Smoking Ban Update

According to Newsday, a federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction that effectively puts
enforcement of Nassau County's workplace smoking ban on hold. The new statewide smoking ban won't go into effect until July, so the bottom line is that Paper Bag #26 apparently will not be a smoke-free event after all. (Feel free to boo or cheer, depending on which side of the issue you're on!) Mike, I don't want to turn your guestbook into a referendum on the smoking ban, so I'll keep this message brief. I just wanted to update my earlier posts on this subject.