The Executive Board

Every January, we hold the first of several monthly meetings of the Executive Board. Meetings are held in the war room in Mike's basement. This is where all personnel matters are discussed, and where the Bag Theme and songlists are created. The people who attend these meetings average over 22 years in the Bag. We have been friends for a long time. We know how to have fun.

Rear: Tony Olde Dude Barca, Paul Shields, Q, Mike Guido, Scott Kistenberger, Val Angrosini
Phrögk, Joe Anziano, Mik Cummings (holding small penis), Jim Myers (holding large penis)

As you can see from the table (right), these meetings are serious business.

Mike's old G3 crashed, and naturally no one had saved the songlist file, so it had to be recreated by the braintrust who forgot to save it in the first place


Greg Hebel ~ lighting designer extroadinaire

Mike Guido and Scott Kistengerger ~ idiots


Phrögk and Santino
(note the Scotty Savitt bighead in the background, hovering over the proceedings)

Gary Q and Mike Cummings
(does anyone else besides me wonder where that finger was just before Mike tasted it?)


My Spiritual Advisor ~ Mr. Russo

PC boy tackles the Mac


This sequence of pictures captures the
progression these meetings usually take.
Here at the beginning of the meeting you
can see (clockwise from left) Joe Santino,
Q, Mike Cummings, Joe Anziano,
Mary Cheese McAndrews, Rudy,
Marianne Cheese Barton, and Val Angrosini.
Everything looks orderly.
As the meeting progresses,
the ashtrays begin to fill up.
The cans and bottles begin to pile up . . .
. . . and up . .
. . . and . . well, you know.
Yes, this is the meeting where Mike Cummings took pictures of his body.
While we know what he was
photographing here . . .
. . . we have no idea what body part
this is. Anyone with a full understanding
of human anatomy is asked to email us
and explain this.