The Paper Bag Tech and Staff Section

Jim Mola ~ Mr. Guido's Valet
as he appears on duty at the Bag

ready to go out "high steppin"
Where is it?

Tom Heinisch

Chip Sciacca and the Frogman

 The Door Crew

Frankie V (green shirt) and Murph take tickets at the door. Vinny Guido (at the back) is keeping law and order. Phil Guido (unseen) is in the "Tell Your Story Here" booth and is probably attending to a million annoying details. Various other Guidos are in the area just doing their thing.

Ed Lowe, Group W Bench Section Leader, reviews strategy with Peter Mazzeo.

Ali Bardeguez and Dawn Barca work on signs ~ Frog gives a look


The Boys enjoy a health drink ~ Bill Mason shoots

Scott Hartman ~ John Roxburgh

Willy ~ Ken Tobin ~ Mr. Guido's valet

Chip Siacca ~ Steve Porcelli

Ralph Porcelli ~ a constipated Larry Ketchel ~ Adam Schwab ~ Larry Showman

Joe Santino ~ JimmytheGreek Varelas ~ Walter Symanski

I'll do ya.~ Tow Truck Jack (w/ screw eyes head decal on truck)

Mike with stage hand intern Sean Walsh