How do I use the Bagsite?

There are over 1,700 pages in the Bagsite. These two menus appear at the top of many pages and will direct you to most of the content.

There are many hidden buttons on the site. Click on almost any graphic or image, especially things that change when your mouse rolls over them, and you will be rewarded with a pop-up or be directed to another Bagsite page. Another way to find cool stuff is to click on the "new stuff" box

at the top of the homepage

or by going to the photo page in the Bagology menu above. Start clicking and have fun. If you need help or have questions, send email to Mike Guido by clicking here.

You can also travel through Bag history by beginning on the Ontologia Page. At the bottom of each page you scroll through is a link to the next page. Many images, when clicked, will bring you to another tidbit of Bagology.


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