Paper Bag #32 Highlights

We paid tribute to two musical sources that have been a treasure trove for the Paper Bag. We celebrated the 40th anniversary of Woodstock and the 50th anniversary of the founding of Motown. My sweetheart Emma Guido danced with her Daddy on stage to Scarlet Begonias, Mike Flyntz channels Jimi with the Star Spangled Banner, Leslie Carter "What it is!!!!", Scotto Savitt and Rudzie take Whippin' Post to a whole new level, Jim Small as Isaac Hayes - a likeness that was so real it was scary, more cheesecake from Denise Corazón with Hey Big Spender, Dave the Rave gets to sing his wedding song to his bride on their 20th wedding anniversary - right here on our stage being showered with rose pedals and bubbles, a slammin' version of My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama by Dave Morris, just having Joanie Pollack and that big voice back on-stage, almost reasonable behavior by the guitar section, another strong outing by the venerable Cheese Calzones - still strutting their stuff, a great year for the vocal section


The Players
Name   Bag #32 shirt name Bag 32 shirt #   Name   Bag #32 shirt name Bag 32 shirt #
Our Founder   Vocalists
Mike Guido   GUIDO 57   Tony Barca   OLD DUDE RYT <<graphic>>
Tony Rome   Jim Small   PEACE 1969
Scott Savitt   GYM RAT 09   Allen Santoriello   POPO 17
The Cheese Calzones   Paul Weber   DENTIST DUDE 69
Marianne Bisson   DOUBLE CHEESE 21   Annie Santoriello   GRAND MAMA ANNA 12/5/08
Laura Daddona   MRS THE HAT 2   Dawnette Darden   SUN 7
Judy Davis   HEAD CHEESE 1   Denise Corazón   FLOWER CHILD 23
Beth Jewell   THE LOVE FETA <<peace sign>>   Lee Thompson   VAGITARIAN 68
Gia Cerone   SIDE O SAUCE 36   Paul Esposito   DADDY TO BE 8/8/09
Guitarland   Joe Ferraro   KILLER JOE 66
Joe Anziano   JOEY <fedora>   Chris Casper   CASPER 96 TEARS
Mike Cummings   M. C. 7b5   Dave Franklin   RAVE 13
Dave Morris   DAVE THESE GO TO 11   Ellen Dumlao   QT 3.14159265. . .
Mike Flyntz   FLYNTZ .010   Leslie Carter   MacMamma 15
Mike Nugent   MOONMAN <moon>   The Keyboard Ghetto
Patrick Cummings   iMandolin 13b5   Gary Quenqua  
Joe Scollo   SC0ll0
  Larry Ketchell   KNUCKLEHEAD KH1
Phil Antonucci   PIT BULL 15 1/2   Ed Lesco   EDDIE 7
Rick Horvath   NOODLES B#   Joe Samuels   ROAST BEEF ~ EXTRA LEAN $22.40/LB
Gus Karras   THE REVEREND 12   Rich Campbell   MARATHON MAN 3:23
Johnny Cola   IPLAYLOUD 11!   Harry Oestreicher   took the little bus 0
Brian Hauff   WALK ON 42   The Paper Bag Drum Section
Jimmy Gallagher   G-STRING 06   Scott Kistenberger   TWISTY 3
Larry Fitzgerald   FITZ VOODOO CHILD   Jimmy Varelas   JIMMYTHEGREEK 53
The Down Wind Horns   Steve Finkelstein   JUNGLE JU too
Val Angrosini   HIPPY KID 5/4   Eel Nietsleknif   funkytime 18
John Boyle   SAXUAL FLOUTATON 25   Vin Cimino   LARS 620
Ron Fox   DA DA 07   Pete Lazos   PT MAN
Jason Chapman   CERTIFIED 43   Billy Onesios   TIMEKEEPER 51
  Shawn Murray   GROOVE SLAVE
Ed Leone   LONESBONES 04   Brendan O Keefe   BEANS 0
Pat Delaney   LIVECAT 49   Chris Hart   CRISPY 10
Barry Titone  

  Don Larsen   DONOSAUR 18
The Harmonica Section   Keith Lombardozzi   DOZZI 09
Paul Shields   PABLO 58   Ben Greenspan   CENTURY 21
Joe Santino   RHYTHM & HUES f 5.6   Ralph Decurzio   RED DOG
Joe Gander   GOOSE 69   Billy Smith   tomsdrums 13
The Bass Section   Tom De Renzo   CHICKA BOOM and a 1
Jim Myers   YEA...? SO WHAT! 56   Sound
Tom Flyntz   T BONE <bass clef symbol>   Phrögk Perlman   PHRÖGK / - 1
Joe Dehler   UNCLE DIRK 1956   Lee Gordon   GORDON 11
Mark Cimino   MARKO
  Tom Heinisch   SK BOSS 47 Hz
  Scott Hartmann   MID FREQ 20
Stephen Michaels   RAMONE 23   Willy Reid  
Mr. Guido's Staff   Chip Sciacca   EXPEDITOR 35
Jim Mola   JIMMY 29   Lights
Tom Russo   RUDO 09   Greg Hebel   HEBEL 52
Bruce Sautkulis   TOASTMASTER 1   Video
Mark Coffey   OKRAM 51   Bill Mason   BILBO 3971
Sean Walsh   CAN I HELP YOU WITH THAT POPS? 10   Ralph Porcelli   MUTHACRISPA 48
The Door Crew   Ralph Esposito   SPOMAN 911
Phil Guido   FICHABBO 70   Steve Porcelli   EKOGUY 39
Frank Varipapa   AIR TUNA 99   John Molloy   SMOKEFXGUY 58
Lucy Graziano   BLEACHER CREATURE 2   Steve Mecca   MECCA MAN 2
Dan Guido   GUIDO 53   Ladie's Auxilliary
Bob Guido   GUIDO 54   Sue Guido   SULA 2
Vinny Guido   GUIDO 50   Sue W Guido   WILD WEST 82
Steve Zilko   SUE S BROTHER 28   Pam Sprague   TWINSTOCK 20
Karl Rivenberg  

  Patti Small   LOVE 1969
The Construction Crew   Terry Guido   GUIDO 53
George Ranzette   ROADIE 9   Dawn Barca 42
Adam Schwab   MADAM I M ADAM 18   Desiree Xefos   DEZ MONSTER 44
Lisa Layton   L8N Rock ON 4eva 60   Cathi Reilly   MRS HAPPY 44
Jim Irwin   OIL CAN %   Susie Cummings   SUSI 523
John Parkinson   BIG JOHN 96   Suzan Coffey   Metro Bagger
Larry Showman   BONES 5   Lani Roye   LANI 813
Jeremy Showman   JSHOW 555   Amy Hof   DANCING WITH THE SCARS 5
The Beer Crew   Peggy Irwin   MELONMAKER -8%
John Christison   BARCREEP 4Q2   Karen Sprague   TWINSTOCK 20
Peggy Murphy   THE ALIEN 69   Barbara Dismas   BEE DEE 53
Ed Barcreep   UNCLE ED I 8 1 2   Christine Schwab   SOCIALLY SPEAKING 15
Sue Stein   SUE 17   Dawn Menkes   TGB 7
The Staff   Cindy Symanski   HARLEY GIRL 23
Eddie Parkinson   BIG ED 33   Betsy Parkinson   BETSY
Paul Yovino   1-2-TREE YO-YO   Joan Guido   JANOOTS 7
Walter Symanski   WALT 23   Ruth Ketchell   RUTH 634
J C Johnson   WARDOG U.L.M. 90   Dee Antonucci   CHARLETTA 1636
Jack Brescia   TOW TRUCK JACK 55   Melissa Perlman   WOODBOURNE 26
Rob Smith   ALL ABOUT FUN #1   Amy Russo  

Kevin West   CRANKY BOY 2   Patti Zant   MRS. CHIP 7
Tom Menkes   GUNN 14   Emma Guido   FEAR THE TURTLE 18
Phil Wetenhall   CHEESE DOG 57   Sara Guido   GWEEDS 1
Pete Xefos  

  Louise Kistenberger   3 s WEEZY
Steve Sobstyl   COACH STEVE 11   Lauren Gander   MRS GOOSE 68
Bobby Bashian   OLD MAN 46   Liz Barbini   CLOYOBELL
Jim Mc Carey   ZIGGY 51   Yohanna Olsen   GOT LOBSTER!! YO
Mike Bartoldus   PHELPS I.M.M.I   Eileen Lombardozzi   LEEN CUISINE the Dancing MACHINE
Mike Molloy   TEABAG 09   Denise Chapman   SPINSTER 43
Category 5   Ann Clarke   PARROT HEAD BAGGER 1
Gary Troy   TROY 24   Jeanne Guido- Sielaff   MIKE GUIDO S MOM 10
Vinnie Quenqua   VINNY Q   Maureen Dehler   KOKOMOE 77
Bob Barbini   BEGINS WITH A B   Liz Goodman   THIN LIZZY 8
Steven Ianucci   NUCCI 7   Danielle Guido   WRANKLESS
John Wittenborg  

  Annie Morris   ANNIE 2
Annie Schmidt   SCHMIDTY
  Christine Liske   GYPSY SOUL 05
Bob Schmidt   SCHMIDTY
  Jessie Galm   RUDZIE 77
John Ziliani   SHAKA 14   Camille Rizzo   MRS. RIZ MATH IS HARD
Ez Bardeguez   EZ 7   Barbara Karras   STARR 21
Garrett Bardeguez   PALLAY RACING 289   Laurie Giovanneillo   TRIPLE G 13
Marty Ruppert   MARTY 56   Elaine West  
Marya Ruppert   MARYA 7   Helen Hebel   ONE IN A MILLION 13
Kris Symanski   KRIS 23   Theresa Hart  

Keith Symanski   KEITH 23   Lisa Franceski   LISA LISA 7
Anthony Alcamo   TONYDRUMS 99   Gina Fox   MAMA 07
George Bily   BILY THE KID 69   Julie Esposito   MAMA TO BE 8/8/09
Dan Quenqua   LITTLE Q   Gloria Vasco   G.T. 2
Martin Kennedy   THE DUDE 00   Patti Radigan  

Kevin Murphy   MURPH 09   Dina Casper   CASPER DINA+FUTURE BAGGER
Adeline Ruiz   BROOKLYN 11222   Lynetta Stone   LYNETTA 55
Ken Pick   KYLE S DAD 41   Leonora Cicio   ROAD-ETTE 10
Julianna Barca   PEACE OUT
Paul French   ES-335 TDN
  Loren Roye   LOREN
Tom Ruppert   RUGHEAD 2   Ann Wiemer  

Mary Ellen Ruppert   MARY ELLEN 11   Sue Larsen   SKOOKY
Erik Symanski   ERIK 23   Erin Donahue   HELLO DOLLY 09
Michael Curley   CURLEY 7   Donna Donahue   DONNAWHO 7
Reen Antonucci   stratfreak 03   Wendy Drake   AMAZON TEMPTRESS 69 1/2
Lexi Antonucci   MILEY 28   Maureen Grasso   MOE 20
Melissa Ingerman   SWEET MELISSA 11   Anne Payter    
Ed Judd   EDWARDSTOCK JUDD minus8 2 L8 77   Sarah Hyder   HYDER 7
Stephanie Mackey   BUCKER 2   Stephanie Chin   FUTURE MRS GRAZ 1
Don Moore   GRANDPA D 53   Stacey Paxinos   VULA 7
Victoria Pannell  

  Laura Dafko   LAURA 11
Fred Di Fabio   DOUBLE CHEESE S PRINCE 28   Susette Franklin   SUSETTE 62
Lindsey Q   LINDSEY Q   Diane De Jesus   RAMONE 23
Neil Gallagher   MAJOR 7   Michele Guido   ONE L 21
Nancy Small   TALL SMALL 42   Gracie Guido   PR GUIDO 9
Tim Perkins   BOSTON GANGSTA 8   Sue Begley   BAG-LEY 34
Carmen Delgado   DELGADO 21   Laura Corso   BILLY O S DESTINY MRS O
Laura Oestreicher   RAMA
The Group W Bench   The Group W Bench
Richard Degnan   DR DEGS PhD 26   Mike Guido I I   THE OTHER MIKE GUIDO 21
Tom Fischetti   FISH 33   Justin Israel   MORRIS 79
Gary Francke   FRANCKE 9   John Murray Jr.   JOHNNY CASH 1
Larry Goodman   LARRY LUV 66   Billy O Sullivan   STALE 69
Jim Murphy   MURF 7   Michael Dunne   CHULZ 29
Pat Scarola   PRINCIPAL 32   Diane Schadie   DIANE 54
Matt Guido  

  John Murray Iii   JM III 84
Larry Lupo   OD 20/20   Mike Zwart   ZWARTY 86
Jay Caputo   GREETINGS 69   Justin Dunne   JD 16
Charlie Costello  

  Tracy Sabel   SABES 43
Rich Ostrowski   SKI 69   Devin Vilardi   BOB MARLEY 0
Mike Bartlett   CAKES 184   Juan Blanco   BLANCO 95
Nick Guido   GUIDO 11   Adrian Muls   SMOKES 10
Russell Castriogiavanni   LITTL BRUDDA 47   Angel Muls   ANGEL 8
Bob Riordan  

  Antonio Muls   FUNKY 3
Chris Cleary   BAG-PIPER 4   Mike Mc Elwee Sr   UNK 5
Denise Robbert   LIL DRUMMER GIRL 24   Karl Knocker   KNOCKER 4
Dick Hanley   HANLEY 2   Annmarie Reidy   REIDY 6
Mike Bolitho   NUG
  Mike Mc Elwee   THE LARK 93
George Paxinos   PAX 88   John Court   FREE HI - FIVE 5
Nelson Dafko   NELSON 11   Pete Nutty Irishman   PUB & GRUB 93

The Songlist for Paper Bag #32 ~ Bagstock ~ Woodstock turns 40 ~ Motown turns 50
song # song title artist Paper Bag vocalist
1 Opening - Thriller Michael Jackson  
2 Paper Bag Theme Song Phil Gagliano Band
Guido, Mike
3 I Don't Wanna Work Todd Rundgren
Guido, Mike
4 Billie Jean Michael Jackson
Franklin, Dave
5 Stay With Me Rod Stewart
Thompson, Lee
6 Carry On Wayward Son Kansas
Joan Pollack
7 Woodstock Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Weber, Paul Nugent, Mike Pollack, Joan
8 The Fish Cheer - Fixin to Die Rag Country Joe & the Fish
Esposito, Paul
9 Jingo Santana
10 Ball & Chain Janis Joplin
Thompson, Lee
11 I'm Just a Singer in a R n R Band Moody Blues
Scollo, Joe Horvath, Rick
12 Paper Bag Awards
13 Ain't No Sunshine Neville Brothers
Barca, Tony
14 Whippin Post Allman Bros
Savitt, Scotto
15 Scarlet Begonias Grateful Dead
Santoriello, Allen
16 You're All I Need to Get By Marvin Gaye & Tammi Tyrell
Small, Jim Dumlao, Ellen
17 I Believe in You and Me Four Tops
Franklin, Dave
18 You Really Got a Hold On Me Smokey Robinson
Annie Santoriello
19 Love Child Supremes
Darden, Dawnette
20 Rock Steady Aretha Franklin
Carter, Leslie
21 At Last Etta James
Pollack, Joan
22 Hey Big Spender Shirley Bassey
Corazón, Denise
23 Bodhisattva Steely Dan
Cummings, MIke
24 Shaft Isaac Hayes
Small, Jim
25 Be My Baby Ronettes
Cheese Calzones
26 Bernadette Four Tops
Santoriello, Allen
27 My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama Zappa
Morris, Dave
28 All Summer Long Kid Rock
Casper, Chris Ferraro, Joe
29 Wind Up Jethro Tull
Boyle, John
30 Prove It All Night Bruce Springsteen
Weber, Paul
31 the Designer Bag Contest
32 the Paper Bag Drum Solo
33 Hot Fun in the Summertime Sly & the Family Stone
34 Feelin' Alright Joe Cocker
Darden, Dawnette
35 White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane
Corazón, Denise
36 We're Not Gonna Take It the Who
Esposito, Paul
37 Magic Man Heart
Ellen Dumlao
38 House Party Louis Jordan
Santoriello, Allen
39 Dancin Days Led Zeppelin
Thompson, Lee
40 Do You Love Me Contours
Barca, Tony
41 If You Really Love Me Stevie Wonder
Carter, Leslie
42 Can't Get Next to You Temptations
43 I Want You She's So Heavy Beatles
Scollo, Joe
45 Mitch Ryder Detroit Medley Mitch Ryder
Casper, Chris Ferraro, Joe
46 Only You Know & I Know Delaney Bramlett
Corazón, Denise Esposito, Paul
47 Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire Jimi Hendrix
Saldinger, Lester
48 Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
Esposito, Paul
49 Honky Tonk Woman Rolling Stones
Casper, Chris Franklin, Dave
50 I Feel Good James Brown
Barca, Tony
51 Walk Don't Run Ventures
52 Down on the Corner Creedence
Franklin, Dave
53 Crossroads Cream
Barca, Tony
55 Pride & Joy Stevie Ray Vaughn
Pollack, Joan
56 Wolly Bully Sam the Sham
audience on stage
the Opening Letter

Introducing Paper Bag #32

~ Bagstock 2009 ~

Woodstock turns 40 Motown turns 50

also featuring - the Body Bag - music by artists that died this year

Tues June 30, 2009 at Mulcahy' in Wantagh

Paper Bag #32 ! This is really getting absurd now. There is no good reason on the planet why this thing, this carnival of delight we subject ourselves to every freaking year since 1979, lives. Raise your hands now, who, way back there in the wild and wooly '80s, ever dreamed that we would be going strong 30 years later? As I scan down the list of participants, I realize that my life has been charmed. Not only do I have a great family, I have been given a bounty of uniquely eccentric friends. Together, we have built into our lives a touchstone, a place where we know that once a year we will connect with each other, accomplish an extraordinarily complex and creative task, and have entirely too much fun doing it. Wow.

Theme: Bagstock - Woodstock turns 40 - Motown turns 50: Coming up with a theme this year was easy. Woodstock - 1969, Motown started - 1959. The discussion about whether we should put off the Woodstock tribute until it turns 50 ten years from now was brief, for obvious reasons. The music of Woodstock and Motown is right in our wheelhouse. I think the Executiv Board has assembled a songlist that you will enjoy.

The Body Bag - is again full this year: Isaac Hayes, Estelle Bennett (the Ronettes), Levi Stubbs (Four Tops), Uriel Jones (drummer in the Funk Brothers, the Motown backup band), Jimmy Carl Black (Mothers of Invention - the Indian of the group), Delaney Bramlett, Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) and Hiram Bullock deserve recognition. We are also playing Bodhisattva by Steely Dan in honor of one of our own. Barry Ambrosio, guitarist for Huntington legends the New Day Band, who passed away this year. He was a fine man and a good friend.  

Where did you say the section leader meeting is?

See you all soon

the Program
Peas & carrots, peas & carrots, peas & carrots …

Brian Mulhern was one of 4 guitarists to participate in Paper Bag #1 at The People's Picnic in Whitehall, NY. During the late 70's, Brian played in several bands in and around the Huntington area often teaming up with his brother Kevin as (what else?) the Mulhern Brothers. I mixed sound for them several times at Chelsea's. Sally Scudder played keyboards and sang in many bands with numerous Bag members. Sally was great to have in the band. Perfect pitch, big smile, never complained, always had fun. Every time the Jim Small Band plays, I look over to the other side of the stage and I can see her, boppin' and tappin' her bare feet. Adam Calaci played bass and sang in some of the most successful bands to ever play on Long Island. On stage, Adam was a solid presence. His bass playing was strong and yes, it was loud. Backstage, he was a very, very funny man. Bruce Rogers had perfect pitch and keyboard skills that brought that physical marvel to life. Standing in Canterbury Ales while Jim Pin was cranking away (I think Rob Barraco was playing a way-outside solo) Bruce was able to quote to me the chord changes to "Hot Fun in the Summertime" (which are very minor 7/ b5-ish) out of his head. He played the grand piano on stage at Paper Bag #2 and played the Tonight Show theme at the very end of the show. He also had the good fortune to be singing "Low Spark of High Heel Boys" at Bag #9 when Scotty K came onstage as the Energizer Bunny. Little Buster never played in the Bag but he was a tremendous influence on many of us who do. I was Busterized many times. Boy was he fun to watch and listen to. H:e was truly the real deal. Gene Gennusa played guitar in the Bag from 1980 through 1985. He photographed the Bag in '86 and '87, went on to become a well respected photographer in the music industry, and then returned to the Bag in 2004. Hundreds of his photos are on the Bagsite. Gene was a friend and a good guy. Barry Ambrosio was the guitarist and singer for the legendary New Day Band. His guitar technique was flashy but clean. At a time when guitarists almost exclusively used Fender and Gibson guitars, Barry was the first guy I know who played a "custom" guitar, with swirly cutaways and a strange headstock. He had a smile that was infectious and indicated that mischief was not far behind.

We are musicians. We live a different life, in bars and diners and clubs and catering halls and come home as the sun comes up and put off joining the "real world" as long as possible. It is a great life, rich and rewarding and so so so much fun. We look after each other and are loyal to each other. Sometime during the night tonight, remember someone missing from your life, smile and have some fun for them. We all can live on in the memory of our friends, family and colleagues. Take care of each other, be loyal to each other, and most of all, have fun.

The Savannah Joe Kommnick "Are these donuts fresh?" Moment

Many of you in the Paper Bag community knew Joe Kommnick simply as "Savannah." I had the privilege working with this gentle man in the clubs on the South Shore for over 10 years. Savannah Joe was a bright ray of happiness that cut through the smoky air and shined into your heart. He was always ready with a joke, your favorite libation, or an absurd movie quote. There was never anything harsh about Savannah Joe, none of the rough edges many of us who live the night life develop. I miss his company. In 1996 we inaugurated the tradition of performing a song each year that connects us with Joe, so that we may have a vehicle to help us remember this fine man. This year, All Summer Long by Kid Rock is dedicated to Savannah Joe. In keeping with Joe's sense of humor, and to ease the melancholy of the moment, before we begin the song, We ask all of you to place an index finger, held horizontally, just below your nose and all together ask in a falsetto voice "Are these donuts fresh?"

is the only thing civilized man has produced that does not seem out of place in nature. Crumpled into a wad of wrinkles, like the fossilized brain of a dryad; looking weathered; seemingly slow and rough enough to be a product of natural evolution; its brownness the low key brown of potato skin and peanut shell, dirty but pure; its kinship to tree unobstructed by the cruel crush of industry; absorbing the elements like any other organic entity a No. 8 Kraft brown paper bag lay discarded in the hills of Huntington and it appears to live where it lay.

This is the spot where I get to thank: Dick at Supreme Trophy in Huntington Station; Eko Video; S-K Sound; Lightcraft; Mark Coffey and the crew at Goldman Bros.; Minuteman Printing in East Northport; The Maker of the Melon Peggy Irwin; Dawn Barca - the sign girl; Lisa Layton for her wonderful work collecting and distributing food; the faculty and staff at all the Island Trees Schools; my brothers and sisters working at the front door missing the show; my three girls, Emma, Sara & Sue for making me the happy boy you see here tonight. As you can see, I live a charmed existence.

Mulcahy's is some great place to enjoy the Bag. From John Murray, right across to the bar backs, every one of the seemingly endless number of employees of this club is unfailingly helpful. These people understand the the Paper Bag at its purest essence. Mul's is the Bag's home for life, in no small part due to the support provided by these fine people. Please thank the Mulcahy's staff when you see them. Patronize this fine establishment all year. Get home safely


the 2009 Paper Bag EXECUTIVE BOARD
Many people wonder how this crazy, complicated show, with all its myriad details, ever comes together at all. Most of the credit goes to the Executive Board who work many hours so that we can all enjoy the Bag. Thank them when you see them go by.
Tony Rome • Scott Savitt
Cheese Calzones • Mary McAndrews, Marianne Barton
Vocalists • Tony Barca
Guitarland • Joe Anziano, Mike Cummings
Keyboard Ghetto • Gary Quenqua, Larry Ketchell
the Down WInd Horns • Lenny LaPinta, Val Angrosini
Harps • Joe Santino, Paul Shields
Basses • Jim Myers
Percussion • Scott Kistenberger
Sound • Larry Phrögk Perlman
Lights • Greg Hebel
Construction • George Ranzette
Door Crew • Phil Guido
Ladies Auxiliary • Sue Guido
Mr. Guido's Valet • Jim Mola
Mr. Guido's Spiritual Advisor • Tom Russo
The Band's Barcreep • John Christison
The Group W Bench • Ed Lowe
The Kid • Ken Teknus

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