The Bag is Tomorrow!

Paper Bag #34
~ Bags Fly Free! ~ traveling songs

1. Find a Bag participant - $20
All Bag participants have tickets for sale. The least expensive way to purchase
a ticket is to find one of these lucky folks and get your tickets
in advance from them. You will save $10 off the door price.

2. Buy tickets here online - $25
Too late to use this option. The Bag is tomorrow. Your choices now are
to find a participant or get your tickets at the door
3. Buy tickets at the door - $30 For those of you who are unsure that you will even be able to get up off the couch
on June 29 this is your best option. For the small risk of $5 you have the option
of staying home. However, you know that if you are even reading this, you are gonna
want to be at the Bag so just buy your tickets in advance and get ready to party