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Paper Bag #3 ~ June 29, 1980
The Lion's Cage ~ Huntington, LI, NY
~~The Lion's Cage Act I
The Magic Bus
Guido face
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• 34 participants • 7 songs •
Instrumentation: Mike Guido, Tony Rome, 3 Cheese Calzones,1 vocalist, 8 guitars, 3 keyboards, 1 harmonica, 2 horns, 2 basses, 2 percussionists, 10 crew members
Tell us your Paper Bag #3 highlights
Highlights: Our first mobile home, Little Wilson makes first appearance, Barcreep serves 1st beer of Bag career. We are really not quite sure what happened during Paper Bag #3. If you have a clue, please email us. We do remember that because the guitar riser was so high, they removed tiles from the drop ceiling. Now the player's heads had room. Of course they proceeded to put all of their beer bottles (and there were many) up into the area above the ceiling.
Paper Bag

The Players
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There were no bag shirts, names or numbers for Paper Bag #3

Our Founder
Mike Guido
Tony Rome
Steve Romerio
The Cheese Calzones
Judy Davis
Lisa Semmelink
Kim Strongin
Allen Santoriello
Bruce Mc Cullough
Ed Carucci
Doug Baldwin
Mike Lawshé
Gene Gennusa
Ed Wright
Ted Rispoli
Chris the Mystery Guitarist
Bruce Rogers
John Martin
Brian Moran
Down Wind Horns
Joe Anziano
Scott Berry
Paul Shields
Gary Quenqua
Bob D' Andrade
Scott Kistenberger
Bill Grillo
Phrögk Perlman
James Burgett
Greg Hebel
Chuck Evans
Ralph De Cursio
Jim Maniattis
Neil Burgett
Steve Cohen
Beer Crew
John Christison
Frank Varipapa

Paper Bag

The Songs

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1 Paper Bag Theme Song
3 I Don't Wanna Work
4 Paper Bag Blues
5 I Feel Good
6 Freeway Jam
7 Twist and Shout
Phil Gagliano Band
Todd Rundgren
Paper Bag Band
James Brown
Jeff Beck
 Bag Vocalist
Mike Guido
Mike Guido

Allen Santoriello

John Boyle


Paper Bag



the flyer

Here is the flyer from Paper Bag #3. As you can see, it's a real beauty. Something I spent alot of time on. Notice my design elements: the wavy lines at the top, the choice of font, the graphics on the map, and especially the place where I crossed out "NY" and rewrote it. Notice also that there was free admission if you had a paper bag. People were going into the garbage across the street at the Burger King and foraging for bags.

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