my old pal Scotty K
Paper Bag #2 ~ July 26, 1979
The Silver Dollar Saloon
~ Bay Shore, LI, NY

~Teenage Death Songs
~Ralph breaks arm
Ralph DeCursio
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• 21 participants • 8 songs •
Instrumentation: Mike Guido, Tony Rome, 3 Cheese Calzones, 6 guitars, 1 keyboard, 1 harmonica, 2 horns, 1 bass, 2 percussionists, 3 crew members
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Highlights: Teenage Death Songs, That Cat is High, the mysterious hidden guitar player, Joe Scollo Human Disco Beat, Ralph breaks his arm in fall from 10 foot unicycle. We had a wild food fight at the local Beef 'n Brew that culminated in a pitcher of water and ice being thrown over a booth at Peggy Kelly.

Paper Bag

The Players
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There were no bag shirts, names or numbers for Paper Bag #2

Our Founder
Mike Guido
Tony Rome
Steve Romerio
The Cheese Calzones
Judy Davis
Peggy Kelly
Kim Strongin
Bruce Mc Cullough
Ed Carucci
Dave Noyes
Joe Scollo
Ed Wright
Dennis Di Gregorio
Bruce Rogers
Down Wind Horns
Joe Anziano
Scott Berry
Paul Shields
Gary Quenqua
Scott Kistenberger
Bill Grillo
Phrögk Perlman
Joe Da Corta
Ralph De Cursio

Paper Bag

The Songs

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1 Introduction
2 Paper Bag Theme Song
3That Cat is High
4Teenage Death Songs
--Teen Angel
--Tell Laura I Love Her
5 Strange Solos
6 Paper Bag Blues
7 Disappearing Band
8 Drum Solo
9 Drunken Rambling by Tony Rome & Ralph
10 Paper Bag Human Disco Beat
11 Paper Bag Southern Rock Jam
12 Solos from the Dressing Room
13 The Grand Finale
14 The Credits


Phil Gagliano Band
Ink Spots

Dion & the Belmonts
Skeeter Davis
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Paper Bag Band
Bag Vocalist
Frank Boulton
Mike Guido
Steve Romerio
Steve Romerio
Steve Romerio
Steve Romerio

Cheese Calzones

Scott & Bill

Joe Scollo


Paper Bag


I have no photos of Paper Bag #2.

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Paper Bag

The Flyer



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Paper Bag #2
The Flyer

Here is the first piece of artwork dedicated to the Paper Bag, authored by Scott Berry, owner and resident graphic artist at the Silver Dollar Saloon. It was Scott Berry who referred to the back-up singers (known as the Pepperoni Trio) as "Tony Rome & his Cheese Calzones thereby instituting one of the Bag's most cherished traditions. Shredded fishnets and glitter.


Paper Bag

Good Times Ad



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Here are the ads for the Silver Dollar Saloon placed in the Good Times local newspaper. Notice that in the ad at right they corrected the name of the band from "The Cat" to "Pole Cat," very important distinction. Also that the Zwan Doon Dantz Band was added to the bill. This band, fronted from behind by Scott Berry featured Eddie Wright on guitar, Tommy Duck Senes on pedal steel, Dave the Rave on bass, the aforementioned Scott Berry on drums and me on tenor sax.

The night after the Bag, the Winters Brothers played at the SDS. This was not Johnny & Edgar but Dennis & Donnie, two hillbillys and their band from Tennessee. The place hadn't been cleaned from the night before and several hundred soaking wet bags covered the floor.

If you ever come across Scott Berry (possilbly at the Bay Shore theatre) ask him about Charles Lamont, the X-rated Hypnotist. I would tell you but Scott is by far a better storyteller than I. Guaranteed he will have you bent over in tears.

Finally, check out the Wednesday night band. Small Talk, Free Budweiser 8-10 pm, 25 cent Buds all nite. If we ever write the book . . .

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