The boys at the bus
Paper Bag #4 ~ June 23, 1981 
The Lion's Cage ~ Huntington, LI, NY 

~The Lion's Cage Act II
~The Lost Year

John Boyle relaxing
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• 39 participants • 13 songs •
Instrumentation: Mike Guido, 7 Cheese Calzones, 3 vocalists, 8 guitars, 2 keyboards, 1 harmonica, 2 horns, 3 basses, 3 percussionists, 9 crew members
Tell us your Paper Bag #4 highlights
Highlights: Partners was our opening act, They concluded their set by tossing a Whopper with cheese (purchased across the street) onto the dance floor where it was stomped to death by deranged audience members. Beers in ceiling left from last year fell through the tiles and crashed down on band members. The mobile home was parked on NY Ave with Lani in the back room.... nobody can remember much of what happened here either. E-mail me if you have a clue

Paper Bag

The Players

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There were no shirt names or numbers for Paper Bag #4

Our Founder
Mike Guido
The Cheese Calzones
Judy Davis
Mary Mc Andrews
Beth Jewell
Lisa Semmelink
Kim Strongin
Bridgette Braun
Maureen Hurley
Jim Small
Chuck Cobb
Mike Flynn
Bruce Mc Cullough
Phil Reilly
Ed Carucci
Doug Baldwin
Mike Lawshé
Gene Gennusa
Ed Wright
Ted Rispoli

John Martin
Brian Moran
Down Wind Horns
Joe Anziano
John Boyle
Mystery Girl on sax
Paul Shields
Gary Quenqua
Bob D' Andrade
Jim Rutzler
Scott Kistenberger
Keith Hurrell
Bill Grillo

Phrögk Perlman
Lee Gordon
James Burgett
Greg Hebel
Chuck Evans
Jim Maniattis
Neil Burgett
Beer Crew
John Christison
Frank Varipapa


Paper Bag

The Songs


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1 Paper Bag Theme Song
2 Mustang Sally
3 Wooly Bully
4 Sweet Home Chicago
5 Paper Bag Blues
6 Wipe Out
7 Kill All the White Men
8 Room to Move
9 Freeway Jam
10 Lady Rain
11 Whippin' Post
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
13 Oh Donna
14 Paper Bag Reggae
15 Shake Rattle & Roll
16 Tears on My Pillow
Phil Gagliano Band
Wilson Pickett
Sam the Sham
& the Pharoahs
Buddy Guy
Paper Bag Band
Scott Berry
John Mayall
Jeff Beck
Hall & Oates
Allman Bros
Allman Bros
Richie Valens
Paper Bag Band
Bill Haley & the Comets
Little Anthony
& the Imperials
 Bag Vocalist
Mike Guido
Mike Guido
Mike Guido
Larry "Boom "Boom" Ports
Kim Strongin

Phil Riley
Jim Small

Kim Strongin
John Boyle


Paper Bag


the flyer

Here is the flyer from Paper Bag #4. Even though it is hand drawn it is a big improvement over last year. That is because this one was drawn by none other than K. Douglas Baldwin, a kick ass guitar player and unbelievable graphic artist (among many, many other talents.) Notice that this year admission is $1 with a paper bag, $2 without. This is also the first time that the event has the word "annual" in the title.


Paper Bag

Good Times Ad



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The Good Times ad for the Lion's Cage. Notice that the New Day Band - Jimmy Myers, Brian Moran, Neil Burgett, and Paul Chainsaw Cane - played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and that Pirate (which I believe featured Chainsaw on guitar) played Thursday and Friday. I guess Cliff had trouble keeping bands.

Also I see my friends the Eccentrix - Mike Russo and Mark Cimino - of current Paper Bag fame were also finding work in Huntington.


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