Mom's Birthday Lunch with the Pope

My Mom's favorite writer is EdLowe. (that is not a typo, say like it was one word "edlowe") She and her husband Frank love to read his weekly column together. They discuss it over breakfast. It just so happens that on his eternal, nocturnal journey, EdLowe has made a habit of stopping by to listen to the Jim Small Band. He has occasionally used the Jim Small Band or me as material for his day job, working as a paragraph manufacturer for local newspapers, most recently the Long Island Press

Anyway, My old pal EdLowe is nice enough to come to lunch with Mom for her birthday. (I think she is 39 now). A lovely time was had by all and as you can tell by the photos, Mom was thrilled. As a matter of fact, EdLowe looks pretty thrilled himself. I can assure you that he consumed no alcohol. I can assure you that I did.

I am glad my Mom had fun. She is a cool chick and deserves to have as much fun as she possibly can. Believe me, she earned it.