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Dune Road - the Hamptons - 1983
Chaser plays at Summers - Tuesday afternoons
Anyone who spends any time at all perusing the Bagsite knows that I have lived a charmed life. The more skills a musician has, the easier it is to make a living. Working as a sound engineer has been a valuable and marketable asset to my life to this very day. Besides the money, it is a set of skills that has served me well as a working musician. In addition, I still got to do cool gigs when I was in between bands. Here are some pictures from one of the coolest.

Chaser - 1983 version

Ed Lesco, keys -
Peggy Kelly, big voice -
Scott Kistenberger, drums -
Bob D'Andrade, bass -
Dave Morris, guitar

Beautiful day - blue sky - lots of liquid libation - great music

(yes, Scott does appear to be naked)

Another shot of Scott does confirm that there is a big blue sky, but still leaves the impression that he is playing the drums … well, naked. This shot also highlights his rather large, well-used cowbell.
Here is a great action shot. Peggy is in full flight, barefoot and wearing something that is reminiscent of a dashiki that D used to love to wear. We see that Scott is, in fact, wearing shorts. Dave is concentrating on his playing. While all three Chaser boys in this picture have very fair skin, at the bottom of this picture there is a peak at Dave's right thigh. It appears that this body part has not seen the sunlight since … well … elementary school. Apparently turkeys would be embarassed to have legs like Dave's. During one song, Dave would give me an echo cue by raising his eyeglasses. We found this hilarious. But I still remember it and I bet he does too.

Now, here is an interesting set … of images. On the left we see D, bassist for the Chaser Band and yes it does appear that he is playing the bass naked. If you dare, roll your mouse over the picture of D but prepare to be really scared. I'm not quite sure what manner of beast this is. The scary part is, someone actually married him and they procreated.

On the right we have Annie savoring some grapes. Because of my propensity toward hyperbole I will refrain from commenting further. However, if you roll your mouse over Annie, you will see the image that says:
"If you post this on that stupid website of yours I will kill you."

Oh-oh … too late.

And here is our happy, rather crazed looking sound engineer. Check out the two Roland Space Echos (still the best live effect for rock singers but completely replaced by digital crap) and the 1/3 octave eq. Also notice my uber neat wire management technique. Roll your mouse over the picture and see another shot showing two suspicious looking men in the background. Could they have dosed the sound man's drink? That is a story for another day.
Ah yes. Here is our hero with his new girlfriend of 3 months … my sweet Susie. Still my sweetheart more than 25 years later. I have no explanation for wearing my sunglasses outside the headband. I just do it like that.
And now, a final shot of the loyal sound engineer at work. The SM-58 in my left hand is today on the shelf behind me in the War Room. The tall black Calzone rack case in the photo is right next to me  as I type this. If you roll your mouse over you will be rewarded with a picture of yours truly and my old pal Scotty Bear taken at the Huntington Fall Festival in 2008. It appears that, 25 years later, I am wearing the same t-shirt.

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