Canterbury Ales, in Huntington, played a huge role in the development of the Paper Bag. Many Baggers worked here, as musicians, bartenders, waitresses and busboys. I began playing music in Canterbury's in 1977. From 1978 until about 1983 I had the privelege of booking acts and also worked there as the house sound engineer. I think I made $30 a night, a half price meal and all the beer I could drink. Among the acts that played Canterburys during those years included Small Talk, Chaser, The Little Wilson Band, Jim Pin, Billy McEwen, Whalebone, Stryder, Sally Scudder Band, The Almost Brothers Blues Band and many others. Funk Filharmonic actually played their first gig at Canterbury's when the horn section sat in with Jim Pin on a Monday night. I designed a stage that masqueraded as two booths for food service during the day and split open to form a small stage, complete with PA and stage lighting, for nighttime entertainment. I do mean "night." On many nights, the band would play until 4am and then the crew would retire to the upstairs "staff lounge" and laugh with each other until way past dawn. Click here, or on any image to see a larger image.

I play an evil trick on my old pal
Scott Kistenberger

These polariod pictures were taken one night in Canterbury Ales around 1978. At the top are Tim O'Connor and John Christison (the Barcreep). At the bottom are Scott and me. Look closely at Scott's eyes. We are going shot for shot, but unbeknownst to Scotty, the Barcreep is giving me shots of water. We kept this up until poor Scotty was drooling. About a year later when my guilt became too much to bear, I apologized, and swore I would never do this again. Ever.