Lenny LaPinta
While Lenny only recently came on the payroll, he has been a card-carrying member of the band since the early days at Dakota Rose. For over 25 years he has participated in every major event played by the JSB. His place on the stage is on the side by John and Mike, forming The Down Wind Horn Section. Lenny is a monster sax player, having studied and practiced and wood-shedded his entire life. He can play all wind instruments and is especially fluent in clarinet and bassoon. The most important aspect Lenny brings to the band it the huge smile that covers his face. This man can light up a cave at midnight. While it is no secret that the onstage presence of the Jim Small Band is casual and usually downright hilarious, Lenny has the ability to make a great situation even better as he roams the stage. It is also important to note that Lenny is responsible for guiding Mike Guido into gainful employment, thereby preventing him from descending into a life of club-dates.