Every year, the Peck Family graciously invites Paper Bag Family to their home for the

After-Bag Party

The After-Bag Party is held on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend
1 pm ~ whenever

Tom Peck's backyard is a musician's dream. 45 foot wide stage, covered from the elements, with a quality PA system and stage lighting. At the After-Bag, this very same backyard will be filled with musicians and their families and friends. Live music begins at about 1 pm and continues until late at night. There will be some groups performing who are actual bands. Pick-up jam sessions are interspersed throughout the day (my personal favorite is "Allman Brothers Hour" which I try to get going at about 3 pm). If you are reading this, chances are you know some of these musicians. These guys and girls can play. All are welcome to join in the music making. Bring your guitar, bass, wind instrument, violin, cowbell… whatever.

The Jim Small Band in Peck's Backyard, 2003 ~ click any image to see page with larger images


Other amenities of the Peck backyard include several large gas grills for your use, a porta-potty to minimize traffic in the house, outdoor TV's (usually tuned to the Yankee game), a few fire pits for the late, late, late, late night discussion group, plenty of room for your blanket or lawn chairs, a swing set for the younger kiddies, these really cool chairs hanging from a tree branch for the older kiddies, plus lots of paper goods, condiments, plastic silverware, and many other little items that we tend to forget to bring and are incredibly necessary.

There will be somewhere on the premises, a water-cooler-bottle-thingie. The Paper Bag respectfully request that you make a modest donation to cover the expenses incurred by the Peck family in stocking preparing their home for our enjoyment. When you see Tom or Pam, thank them.

Here are the pertinent details


The After Bag Party  

1 pm ~ whenever

  Tom Peck's Backyard
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  Live music to be provided by the many friends of Tom & Pam Peck and the rest of the Paper Bag musicians

Things provided by Tom & his family:
  Nice big kid-friendly front yard with baseball diamond & backstop, nice big kid-friendly backyard with swings, 45 foot stage w/roof, full PA system & stage lighting, drum set and back line amps,  large barbeque grill, outdoor TV's to watch the Yankee game.
Things you should bring:
  Kids, family members, friends, relatives, ice, blankets, lawn chairs, ice, coolers, food & drinks for your family, baseball gloves, ice, musical instruments, your voice, a willingness to get up on that nice stage and play, a modest donation to put into the water-cooler-bottle-thingie to cover costs of power, gas for the grill, condiments, paper goods, porta-potty rental, etc., and  finally... did we mention ice?
Things we request you don't bring:
  Pets. (Tom & his family will be sending their pet, the lovely and talented Duchess, on doggy vacation for the duration of the party)

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