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The Sleeping Bag

Guido sleeps with the fishes, courtesy of Pete Scully

Feb 17, 2008

We had our first two meetings of the Executive Board, and I am happy to report to the constituancy, that all is well in the War Room.

The first meeting was very well attended. We had an animated discussion regarding personnel and song assignments and having so many useless bodies sitting around backstage during the show.

With regard to personnel and song assignments we endeavor to provide a more consistent effort. We are requesting that the vocalists actually LEARN THE WORDS to the songs, especially if they themselves have requested that song. We will also try to more carefully match up the vocalist to the song. Then there is the issue of vocal rehearsal. The vocalists are the only section that needs to rehearse. We all know that in our own lives it is impossible to find time to just keep up, much less attend rehearsals and we recognize the effort that these dedicted baggers make. I have made phone calls to the vocalists, requested their presence at the rehearsals and thanked them in advance for their efforts. We can have mucho talent in all sections of the big band but without ass-kicking vocals, it is hard to have fun playing this kind of music. So, in a nutshell, we need you ladies and gentlemen to step up, we recognize your sacrifice in doing so, and we thank and applaud you for it.

Turning our attention to the useless bodies sitting around backstage. There are, as of today, 307 names on the active list for Bag #31. 307 bag shirts with backstage access. The breakdown is as follows:

Category 1 Musicians - those who actually play the music
Category 2 Technicians - sound lights, video, door, beer, construction
Category 3 Ladies Auxilliary - coffee and donuts
Category 4 Guests of mine - people I have invited for one reason or another
Category 5 Guests of other people

The Category 5's were all approved by me at the time they became Category 5's. The issue as I see it is this. The 90 guests are people who usually don't get to hang out backstage much. At Mulcahy's, we have a really cool backstage area. We have our own bar and a guy cooking burgers and room to breathe. This is intended for the 160 musicians and crew members and the Ladies Auxilliary. It was not intended to be a club within a club for people to hang out in who should be in the audience. Many Category 5's have taken to coming onstage to play percussion instruments or just to enjoy the view. We need people whose main purpose is to be in the audience, to be in the audience. So, I ask those of you who have been granted to privilege of inviting Category 5's to ask your guests to keep their time in the backstage area to a minimum. They are welcome to the beer and to visit, but please repay that kindness by fulfilling their obligation as an audience member. I further request that those of you who would like to get a shirt for family members/friends/co-workers etc. please realize that we are overcrowded already. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We went through every email with song suggestions that were received throughout the year and every page of suggestions from Bruce Sautkulis. We decided on The Sleeping Bag as a theme and whittled the songlist down to about 50 condidates.This year the Body Bag holds Ike Turner, Dan Fogelberg, Boots Randolph and Joe Zawinal. At the next meeting we will finalize the list so that cd's can be burned in time for the movie. We also had much fun laughing at each other and at some of you.

The date and venue for the movie is listed below. However, we still need a good idea for an opening. you know, the beginning with the whole band onstage and we play something really really loud. If you have any suggestions, email me at bagsitemail@paperbagmusic.com

The calendar is as follows:

Paper Bag #31 ~ 2008
the sleeping bag

Jan 28, Feb 11, March 2
- Executive Board meetings in the War Room

April 27 - 6pm start
Paper Bag #30 the movie Huntington Village Tavern

June 23
- Executive Board meeting
- the al fresco meeting

June 25 - The Day Before

June 26 - Paper Bag #31
the sleeping bag

June 27 - Bag Lag

Where did you say the section leader meeting is?


See you all soon


we strongly urge you to take the next day off

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