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April 1, 2007

We had our first three meetings of the Executive Board, and I am happy to report to the constituancy, that all is well in the War Room. Because I am the only "y" chromosome in my domicile, my stuff is confined to a relatively small area of the house. For the past several years, I had my own bathroom. I accomplished this by allowing the faucet and shower head to emit streams of water that were deemed unpleasant by the women of the house; the mirror was a small, 8 inch circular make-up thing; after moving the window so that a medicine cabinet and proper mirror could be installed, I simply placed my toothpaste and brush on the 2x4 studs in the bare plywood wall with no cabinet at all. They referred to my bathroom as an outhouse. I couldn't be more proud. I recently lost exclusive use of this bathroom, having been forced to install new plumbing fixtures a and mirrored medicine cabinet with numerous bright lights mounted on top. As you read this, products are beginning to pile up in there. . . How did I get on this subject? Oh yes, the War Room.

The War Room is the only other space in my house where I get to keep my stuff. It resembles a cave, with every available square inch of wall space covered with some aspect of my personal history. If you are reading this, it probably covers your personal history too. This is where we have our meetings (except for the "al fresco" meeting in June). The Executive Board is a flock of rabble who have been friends for over 25 years. The meetings do have structure, but are predicitably unpredictable. We do not start the meeting until Grandma is on the table. Maybe I had better explain that one. The photo seen here is Vinnie Cimino's dear departed grandmother when she was in her 90's. She is sitting at a drum set in a garage with some graffitti on the wall. For some unexplainable reason, we do not start the meeting until that photo is on the table. This past meeting Joey the Fedora brought a 10 ounce tin of Vermont's Original Bag Balm. "For chapped conditions and superficial abrasions apply bag balm to the affected area." The only thing that makes this product NOT the perfect product for Mike Cummings is the fact that it contains no alcohol. From now on, we will require that this tin of Bag Balm also be on the table before we can start the meeting.

Anyway, we have spent hours on the theme and tentative songlist and we have come up with this.

In honor of the 30th (Dirtieth, Dirty Thirty, you get it) Bag, each member of the Executive Board selected a song to perform. We have deemed this the Dirt Bag, so we will feature songs that are in some way connected to dirtbags. We will also be continuing our tradition of the Body Bag, performing songs in memory of musicians who have passed away this past year. So far, the Body Bag will include songs memorializing Brad Delp from the band Boston, Gene Martin Gennusa, Jim Pin himself, Smiley the dog and . . . prepare yourself for ULTIMATE DUELING JAMES BROWNS!!! Only at the Bag can you find entertainment like this.

The date and venue for the movie is listed below. However, we still need a good idea for an opening. you know, the beginning with the whole band onstage and we play something really really loud. If you have any suggestions, email me at mike@paperbagmusic.com

The calendar is as follows:

Jan 12, Feb 11, March 18
- Executive Board meetings in the War Room

April 22 - 6pm start
Paper Bag #29 the movie Huntington Village Tavern

June 18
- Executive Board meeting
- the al fresco meeting

June 25 - The Day Before

June 26 - Paper Bag #30
the dirt bag

June 27 - Bag Lag

Where did you say the section leader meeting is?


See you all soon


we strongly urge you to take the next day off

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