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A tip of the Paper Bag hat to Pete Scully for his inventive Doctor Bag artwork

March 13, 2006

Bag meeting #2 was tonight. Phrogk did his best to imitate Shields (who was not in attendance, he is off cooking somone's books) and just sat silently sporting some bloodshot eyes. Several members were mia, but we did have a pleasant visit with Mr. Bill Mason. Marianne behaved well for a change. Q was the only one who really focused on the task at hand. He spent much of the meeting shouting information to me while everyone else yakked. We selected 42 songs and put them into order. We selected a date and venue for the movie. However, we still need a good idea for an opening. you know, the beginning with the whole band onstage and we play something really really loud. If you have any suggestions, email me at mike@paperbagmusic.com

The calendar is as follows:

March 12 - Executive Board meeting in the War Room

April 23 - Paper Bag #28 the movie 6pm start. Huntington Village Pub

June 19 - Executive Board meeting - the al fresco meeting

June 26 - The Day Before

June 27 - Paper Bag #29

June 28 - Bag Lag


The theme of Bag #29 is appropriately enough . . . (drum roll please) THE DOCTOR BAG!

We are also introducing what will become a very popular feature. The Body Bag - featuring songs by artists who have recently gone to that big recording studio in the sky. This year's honorees include: Wilson Pickett, Lou Rawls, Johnny Cash and of course - the Cowsills (Billy and Barry, tough year). We tried to include all our usual bands. Because we have not made it to the wheel during the past 2 Bags, we limited the songlist to 42 songs. Now we will have more time to play around.

To download a pdf of the current tentative songlist click here

Check with your section leader about songs and stuff.


See you all soon


Say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!



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