Pete Scully sings with Stevie Wonder

So a week before the 2008 Bag I get the following email from Bag vocalist Pete Scully:

Hi Mike,

I have a chance to sing with Stevie Wonder next week. Would you be able to send this link around to all Bag members to vote for me?

[insert link from radio station here]

Thanks. It would be greatly appreciated.


Apparently, this is one of those vote-for -the-person-they-win-something-cool things. What could be cooler than a chance to sing with Stevie Wonder? So I forward the email with the link to the Bag family and lo and behold PETE WINS THE FREAKING CONTEST. You can listen to Pete audition over the air by clicking here!

So our little boy Pete has grown up and got his moment in the sun to sing with Stevie Wonder. We couldn't be more proud. More pix to follow.