Lisa, Tara, Sue Guido & Mary Cheese

The Girls Party

Barbara Klein


Ba Ba rubs her dogs

The Barcreep Drinks

Mike Lawshe, Scott Kistenberger, a blow up doll and Chairman Mao?

The Cheese Calzones

More Cheese

Extremely Cheesy

The Ultimate Calzone

Calzone Wannabes from the crowd

Wackos in the parking lot

Mike Cummings and Peggy Kelly as Sonny and Cher

Ernie "Snake" Chea sporting some bad shorts

Both of Marianne

Chicks passed out . . .

. . . in the parking lot

Crowd shot

Guido directs the keyboards

Pat Ambrosio, Mike Cummings, Doug Baldwin, Mike Lawshé

the Down Wind Horns

Bruce Rogers, Jim Uhl, Rob Barraco, Bob D'Andrade and Mola

Mary Cheese and Keith

Paper Bag Guitarland

Jim Mola does what he does best

Shields blows, Barbara claps

Paul Sheilds and Peggy Kelly

Peggy Kelly

belts it out

Peggy Kelly (as Stephen Tyler) and Judy Ammar

Pete Mazzeo

Phil Reilly


Guido assists with the Sax Solo

Scott Kistenberger, the Man

Scotty K, MVP, Drinks

Guido screams

Bacon screams

Jim Small, Allen Santoriello, Phil Reilly, Pete Mazzeo
Hot Fun in the Summertime

Lisa Semmelink ~ ooh so cheesy

Rick Helf on trombone, Mike holds the mic