the Jim Small Band performs at Garden City Middle School
- May 19, 1995

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The 1994-95 school year was my second as the band teacher at GCMS. The kids in my band classes wanted to hear the band I played with at night but how? Somehow I talked the lady who ran the "Arts -in-Education" program into hiring the Jim Small Band to play. My rationale was that we would give a presentation of the history of 20th Century American Music. We begin with early jazz, play some blues, move to the swing era, some 50's style do-wop stuff - and then … some good old rock 'n roll.

They went for it.

As you can see from our purchase order here,  our gross was $500. The check had to go to Rick because he was the only one who had a checking account at the time.

We played at 10 in the morning and then the boys and girl in the band stood on line at the middle school cafeteria for the school lunch (which was complimentary by the way). But it gets even funnier.

One of the 6th grade English teachers had her students write a paragraph about the assembly. I have transcribed several of them here for your perusal. They are unedited. For those of you in a hurry, the really funny parts are in bold print.

The Jim Small Band

On Friday May 15, the sixth grade saw an assembly about Mr Guido's band perform the name of the group was THE JIM SMALL BAND. The group played lots of different kinds of songs most of which were very old. I did not recognize most of the songs they sang that afternoon. There was a guy playing the sax he walked around an awful lot and was flirting with the piano player a lot and looked like he was going to burst when he was playing the sax. Mr. Guido played three instruments they were the saxophone the clarinet and the guitar. I thought the assembly was so so because I did not recognize most of the songs. But other than that I thought it was great. I also thought it was amazing how Mr. Guido can play three instruments. I think many people probably wish they can play as many instruments as Mr. Guido can.

Gerald Chiara - Period 7


The Jim Small Band

  … It was a lot of fun. I wouldn't have mind to listen to the music for another hour. They played music that I like and listen to and the information that they gave was interesting. When I grow up I would like to be in a band.

Ingo Kabirschke - Period 7


The Jim Small Band

  … enjoyed the preformance a whole lot. I thought the band rehersed well and prepared their songs well too. They are very talented musicians. The music kept me in the mood for the whole hour. The songs put many smiles to our faces. I liked the music and was very mad when we had to leave.

Samantha Jeanne Lucas - Period 7

The Jim Small Band

  … I thought that the assembly preformed by the Jim Small Band was okay. I liked the assembly because we got to miss first and some of second period. I didn't like the fact that the assembly was very loud. Another thing bad about it was that you could not understand the words to the song. Besides these things, I think that the band did a good job and I wouldn't mine seeing it again.

Mike Sambus - Period 7


The Jim Small Band

  … I thought that the Jim Small Band was a pretty good band. They played all the rhythms right but you couldn't understand what the singers were waying because they mumbled a lot. Another thing was the music was too loud so that when you wanted to compliment the music to the person next to you he or she couldn't hear you. Also I thought that Mr. Guido was very talented at all the instruments he played but I have seen and heard much better performers than him. Now this concludes my opinions about the Jim Small Band.

Scott William Sheridan - Period 7


The Jim Small Band

  … I enjoyed listening to the Jim Small Band. They played very loud. The whole auditorium was vibrating. The saxophone played looked like a bright red cherry. I like all the songs, but I liked the last song the best. It's the only song that wasn't made long ago. When Mr. Guido gave us some small talk about the history of music, I wasn't very interested, but it was probably the only way to get the principle to let them perform. If they added a bit of education.

David Matthew Orosz- Period 7 

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